Creating Your Own Opportunities For Change By Guest Author Valeria Teles

Valeria Teles has great ideas to help you make the most of your life and the calm reassurance that we can do it!


Valeria Teles

Here are some of the ways to create your own opportunities to change:




  • Eating in a healthier manner, exercising, getting enough sleep.


  • Believing in yourself more.


  • Giving yourself credit for all the healthy and positive things you do or have done.


  • Learning to accept yourself for what is in your heart—for the principles and virtues you know you have.


  • Letting the child in you express herself/himself—letting her/him come out and play!


  • Becoming your own best friend.


  • Treating yourself with kindness.


Here is a conversation I have with my body, mind, and soul while doing Tai Chi tapping:


“I am sorry… (for the hurt I have caused you…)

I am grateful for your strength and resilience… (thank you for hanging in there…)

I love you… (for who you are… just the way you are…)”





  • If you want to experience happiness, all you need to do is be grateful for what you have.


  • Make appreciation a daily practice.


  • Try to show those around you how much they mean to you (in your own way; it doesn’t have to be through words). Focus on what you like about them. We don’t have to like someone as a whole to appreciate them.


  • Be genuinely appreciative of the smallest things that “others” do for you.


  • When exposed to people’s negative behaviors/responses, practice not taking what they do or say personally. Rather, practice being grateful for the lessons you are learning regarding how NOT to act or behave.





  • Self-acceptance is imperative for changing the way you think of yourself.


  • Embrace your imperfections, your silliness, your awkwardness—accept every little part of you, one by one.


  • It’s fine to make mistakes. When you make them, be patient or laugh before judging yourself.


  • Think of when you were a child; when you didn’t judge yourself and just enjoyed the freedom to be you.


  • You acknowledge that every negative thought you still have about yourself and “others” has been a practice you have engaged in your entire life. You are not trying to eliminate these thoughts. Rather, you are trying to create new, healthy, and positive ones that, by manifesting them as a new reality, replace the old ones.


  • If you can’t replace old, negative thoughts, integrate them with healthy and positive experiences. This was exactly what I did when I wrote the Fit for Joy My new, exciting career as an author was fostered by telling the story of my life, which, basically, had been a “ball” of negative experiences.


This changed everything. I was even able to be grateful for those negative experiences, for without them I wouldn’t be experiencing a kind of deeper understanding about myself, life, and “others.”



The “Loving” ourselves practice starts by learning to identify where your fears are hiding, while trying not to consciously face them with other kinds of disguised fearfor example, jumping out of a plane because you are afraid of heights. Rather, begin by practicing virtues associated with “Love” awarenessacceptance, gratitude, patience, kindness, understanding, and letting go—among others.


Everything is practice.


Living in fear takes the practice of allowing negative responses to govern your lifean “asleep” state.


Living with “Love” awareness requires you to practice remaining awakened in the dream of life.


Think about the dreams we have while we sleep. Life that we understand as reality is not much different.


Your dream is creating your reality. You have no control over where it takes you and how you get where you find yourself.


This is no different from emotional feelings when you let them guide your life. But when you are “awakened” in the dream of life, you are where you want to be (in the moment) and you also know how you got there.


Valeria Teles (pen-name) aka Valeria Koopman, was a fitness trainer and first-prize fitness competitor who became the author of the Fit for Joy book to share the connection between holistic health and spirituality.


In Fit for Joy, she starts a conversation about the “true” meaning of health through her professional and personal experiences.


Teles is also a non-duality author who  recently published a new book on Love awareness. This work is comprised of thoughts on self-care, non-dual living, self-inquiry, and relational awareness. It brings to light how self-knowledge ignites the process of defining what “Love” is in our lives.


As a podcast host, Valeria explores meaningful truths, ideas, and insights about physical, mental and spiritual health to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us toward a new way of being well.


Valeria coaches self-love for well-being and promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to anyone she comes across. She eats mindfully, exercises regularly and enjoys living by nature.


She resides in New York with her husband Christopher.




For coaching services:


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