Don’t Miss Out On The Museum of Ice Cream’s Pinkmas Celebrations!

The Museum of Ice Cream is in Singapore. Check it out.


This December, be prepared to be swept up by the magic of Pinkmas, and be transported into a pink winter wonderland at Museum of Ice Cream. For this entire festive season, MOIC has created unlimited festive treats and interactive installations to enable you to enjoy the full Pinkmas experience, from their Pinkmas tree forest, craft a take-home paper gingerbread house, to all the delicious flavours that celebrate the spirit of the season.

Warm yourself with seasonal delights like their pink hot chocolate and peppermint soft serve while wandering through  a magical pink forest and a quaint gingerbread town. 

Make your way to the MOIC Cafe & Bar and reward yourself with scrumptious treats, only available this festive season. Grab a friend and dig into their Pinkmas Sundae, which features three frosty scoops topped with whipped cream, and decorated with Pinkmas inspired sprinkles.

We recommend you be sure to try…

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Do Common Baking Staples Expire?

Good information here.


It’s that wonderful time of the year again, when we start to pull out our baking supplies, and get ready to make some Christmas cookies and cakes and other delicious holiday treats. And if you step inside anyone’spantry, you’ll find most if not all the necessarybaking essentials. But the question is:how long have they been sitting in that cupboard?

Whether you’re an avid baker or someone who gets an occasional craving forhomemade cookies, it’s important to know how to keep those staple ingredients fresh so you can use them for as long as possible, because using expired baking ingredients can greatly alter the taste and texture of your sweet treats.

But before you start tossing food away, here are a few things to look out for to see if they need to be replaced, or can still be used.

Does Flour Expire?

While flour isconsidered to be non-perishable, it…

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It’s Time To Speak Up About Body Shaming In Workplaces: The Elephant In The Room Is NOT You

My personal thanks go out to everyone who is compassionate enough to understand how deeply body shaming hurts.


By Sarah Ryan

In my twenties, I developed a thyroid condition that led me to gain a lot of weight. Unfortunately, I also worked with a group of people notorious for commenting on any and all female bodies wandering past their line of vision. Hearing remarks like “Wow you’ve gotten bigger. You still look good though“, had my already low self-esteem spiralling. 

Once the pesky thyroid was treated and the weight dropped off, it was time for the backhanded compliments like “You look so much better than you did before.”, which also made me feel like rubbish.

If I mentioned to the culprit or the manager that it was not appropriate, I was told to “Stop being so sensitive.”. Eye roll.

Maybe I Am Just Sensitive. Surely It Isn’t That Bad?

Fortunately, body shaming in the workplace is becoming widely recognised as a form of workplace bullying and…

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Jamaican Seasoned Tilapia and Greek-Style Lemon Potatoes

Tilapia is a very mild fish and easily adapts to all kinds of spices and flavors. It is readily available and a very affordable fish that doesn’t taste fishy. A light entree that’s healthy too especially needed during the holiday season. This seasoning would be delicious on any mild flavored fish. I don’t buy seasoning rubs very often but I really liked this one as it can be used in so many ways where you want “a little kick.”

There is some controvery over farming practices of tilapia – all I can say is know your fishmonger and buy from a reputable source.

I frequently associate lemon with fish so I thought a lemon flavored potato would be a good side. The fish recipe, slightly adapted, comes from fellow blogger Gail at

I also drew inspiration from Gail’s Greek potato side dish but combined a few recipes to make…

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Easy Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Wow. I’m making this for our community share tomorrow.


Serve this easy dish with some steamed brown rice and your favorite roasted vegetable. It cooks up so quickly. Using the chicken thighs assures that yours chicken will be tender and not dry. I love to get my curry from Penzey’s. They have some locations but also have mail order. my favorite is their sweet curry. I served this with roasted zucchini and yellow squash, but any roasted veggies like eggplant, broccoli or cauliflower would be great.

Quick weeknight Chicken and Chickpea Curry

Serves 2


  • 11/2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs , cut into 1 inch chunks
  • 1 15 ounce can chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 1 cup chopped tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon curry powder, plus another 2 teaspoons for sauce
  • (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 3 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 1 1/4teaspoonskosher salt, divided, plus more as needed
  • 1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 4large clovesgarlic
  • 1(2-inch) pieceginger
  • 1 medium jalapeño pepper

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A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your Libido

The Wellness Consultant in me is thrilled to share important information about true sexuality.


By Brazen Edwards

Sexual desire in women naturally fluctuates over the years. We sometimes go through high and low periods of passion at the beginning or end of a relationship or when we experience significant life changes like menopause or other health issues.

Our sexual pleasure is impacted by our psychological and physiological well-being. Societal pressures and expectations, and unfortunately, we still don’t have a great understanding of female sexual anatomy or the female orgasm.

When people think of sex, they often think of orgasm as the ultimate way to achieve pleasure. However, adequate research or information about the female orgasm is still insufficient. The end result is not always the best determination of success.

Enhancing Your Libido

Although we can generally define the different ways people tend to achieve a good sex life, there is no common ground as to what a healthy libido looks like, and there is…

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Fattoush – A Mediterranean Salad

Tasty and healthy!

I recently learned that many cookbooks on Mediterranean cuisine have a recipe for Fattoush salad – I didn’t know it was so popular. It is a Levantine salad made from toasted (which I prefer) or fried pieces of Arabic flatbread which includes pita bread. In one of my cookbooks (Dada Eats Love to Cook It: 100 Plant Based Recipes for Everyone at Your Table) she made sourdough croutons replacing the traditional pita chips. I liked these a lot maybe because they were spiced with za’atar. She also added pomegranate arials which noone else did – I enjoyed them.

I enjoy a tasty and healthy salad…

Fattoush is composed of mixed greens, or maybe just romaine lettuce; veggies such as tomatoes, wedges or cherry, cucumbers (Persian or English), radishes, green onions or red onions. Two fresh herbs are usually a part of this refreshing salad; parsley, mint and occasionally fresh thyme…

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Shambhala and Rainbow Warrior Prophecy and the 5th World

Great spirit food from Cynthia Sue Larson.

RealityShifters Blog

2022-09-29 Cynthia angel 21
Did you know about the Shambhala prophecy, or about Rainbow Warriors helping to usher in a new Golden Age?  With some people sensing we are living in world-changing times, it seems the perfect moment to reflect on past Earth changes and interesting prophecies predicting a Golden Age, ushered in by Rainbow Warriors.
Some of us with high sense perception are noticing a wonderful availability of support from unseen realms.  It feels to me that angelic protection and guidance is extremely accessible now, and helpful for boosting our spirits if we feel down.

From Bodhisattva Blues to a Shambhala State of Mind

I recently felt sad about the overall vibe I’m picking up from collective consciousness of people in the world, and my inability to help everyone.  While I was focused on people suffering, and my seeming inability to do much about it, my blue mood felt to me a bit…

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