Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Technique – Control Panel

control panel

I love teaching the Control Panel technique, because it is so easily understood by students of all levels of intuitive development, and because it is so effective. How effective? Try it and share your experience!

As I mention in The Reiki Cafe Reiki III (ART) Manual, this technique is not exclusive to Reiki III students. I teach it to students as early as Level II (Practitioner) if they request it, or if it is a good fit for that class.

Control Panel technique is usually offered in Level III (ART) because Level II concentrates on becoming a practitioner. Level III (ART) is where we hone our skills to be the most effective we can be in helping others and ourselves.

If you are ready to learn the Control Panel technique and want to set up a one-on-one workshop, e-mail me at so we can schedule your in-person or virtual workshop. You will need to have completed at least one level of Reiki study to take the workshop.


Which Knobs or Dials are on Your Control Panel?

Try looking at your control panel in your next meditation. I’d love to see what you can learn about yourself, and how the control panel can help you in your daily life and Reiki practice!


Control Panel is one of many techniques in The Reiki Cafe Reiki III (ART) Manual. The manual is available now in paperback and for Kindle. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

ART III (ART) Manual


As always, thank you for the time we spend together!



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Thrive Life News & Specials for October!

There is a new Simple Plate meal available now!
Thai-Style Coconut Beef

Thai-Style Coconut Beef

Dig into Coconut Beef with Rice Noodles for an exotic flavor that’s ready in 20 minutes! Each Simple Plate meal kit serves 2 or 4 people generously.
Thai-Style Coconut Beef
Seasonal Items
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Thai-Style Coconut Beef
October Product Specials
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Tomato Dices
Butternut Squash
Butternut Squash
Wheat Dough Mix
Whole Wheat Dough Mix
(Rich Chicken Gravy)
Whole Strawberries
Freeze Dried Apricots
Freeze Dried Apricots
Red Bell Peppers
Freeze Dried Chopped Chicken
Chopped Chicken
*We will no longer be offering monthly specials packs; however, you can still purchase the items that would have been in the pack individually.

Our Delivery Plan Options

Simple plate plus



You Can Order Without Setting Up a Plan

Simply go to my website and order what you like, how you like it.





I have openings for hosts to have parties. Check with me for a list of dates. If you are not local, I will send all that you need to have a fun, successful party. Read more about party hosting and benefits here.

host benefits


I love, love, love Thrive Life. How can I join Thrive Tribe?

consultant perks

Start by checking out our Career Plan, then get in touch with me to get you started! I started with Thrive Life because I love the food. Now I love the food, my team, my perks and that my commissions keep coming! There is so much room to grow as much as I want to with Thrive Life. What are your dreams?



Thank you for thriving with me!



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Spiced Apple Oatmeal – Inspired by Who’s That In The Cat Pajamas by Sojourner McConnell



This chapter book charmed the socks off of me! Dolcey is so sweet, and loving! The story is relevant and moving. The illustrations are perfect for the story. I can’t wait for another Dolcey book!

While I was reading about Emily and Dolcey, I had the idea for this spiced apple oatmeal. You’ll understand why when you read this delightful chapter book.


Thrive Life Quick Oats are gluten free.

SAO jar

       Make ahead for busy mornings, camping and to give as gifts!

SAO apple can


That’s a family can of Fuji apples in the background!

Spiced Apple Oatmeal (1)

I’m bringing my spiced apple oatmeal to Fiesta Friday this week. It’s too good not to share! Our co-hosts this week are Suzanne @ apuginthekitchen and Monika @ Everyday Healthy Recipes.


Meet The Author

If you’re in Kentucky this October, you can meet Sojourner McConnell and get your copy of Who’s That In The Cat Pajamas signed!

Where: Karen’s Book Barn. 127 E. Main Street, La Grange, KY.

When: October 14th from 11-4.

Bonus! When you buy a copy of Who’s That In The Cat Pajamas at the signing, you get to choose one of these Snackies Singles to go with it. We call this a book and a Snackie. While supplies last.



As always, thank you for the time we spend together,



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Thrive Life News & Specials for August



Simple Plate!

Tuscan-Style Beef Pappardelle

Tuscan Quinoa Bowl/Southwest-Style Chicken Quinoa Bowl/Chicken Bolognese & Gnocchi With Steamed Vegetables /Chicken Farfalle With Pasta Primavera (not pictured)


Garden Veggie Lasagna & Garden Veggie Pizza With Sausage

South Pacific Stir-fry with pulled porl

South Pacific Stir-fry With Pulled Pork

We have eight Simple Plate meals available now, and will launch many more this year.

How do you get your deliveries? Watch this.


New Snackies Singles!

Havarti & Pretzels/Cranberry Crunch

Available as pouches or Snackies Singles for on the go


Monthly specials for Your Grocery Box


Dinner Classics Pack is $89.39 plus shipping. Shipping on orders over $100 is free if all the items in the grocery box are preferred items. Two items in this month’s dinner classics pack are not eligible for free shipping – mashed potatoes and fudge brownies.

Dinner Classics Pack Includes:

Sweet corn (pc), kale (pc), fudge brownie mix (pc), mashed potatoes (pc), Chef’s Choice seasoning, beef slices (pc), celery (pc), spinach (pc) and mushrooms (pc).


Thrive Life Has it All!

The more Thrive Life food I eat, the better I feel! Quality, convenience, selection and value. Snacks, deliciousness, meals, ingredients, personal service, rebates, free shipping…seriously, what more can we ask for?


Thriving Nations

Thank you to every Thrive Life customer, consultant and employee. 5% of all sales profits go to the current Thriving Nations project.


Host A Party
You can host a party from anywhere in the U.S. I will send all that you need to have a successful, fun party. You automatically get a party link on my website where your guests can learn about our food, and where you receive credit if they place an order. You can choose from an online video party or a Facebook party.
     Host prizes are free and half-off Thrive Life food. You have everything to gain by having a party! Check out all the host benefits here.
 Start Your Deliveries
This month only, when you commit to three deliveries of $25 or more within 90 days, you are automatically a Preferred Customer. Next month and afterward there will be a one-time $79.00 fee to become a Preferred Customer  You will get bonuses based on the amount you start with, including free food.
     Perks of becoming a Preferred Customer:
Simple plate plus 
     Save up your 3% in free product for our next big sale in November. That’s what I’m doing!
The Opportunity
Check out our career plan to see how big your opportunity is with Thrive Life. We get all the perks of being a Preferred Customer, plus we earn cash, party benefits and fantasy getaways!
consultant perks
 This is a foodies dream business! I’m getting paid to eat. Are you?
         Questions? Please ask. 
My new phone number is 530-209-8291. Or you can reply to this e-mail.

No questions? Feel free to place orders directly through the Website

As always, thank you for thriving with me!



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There Are Two Seasons: Coconut Oil Melted & Coconut Oil Solid

Many things change with the seasons, but two stand out for those of us who use coconut oil. For us, there are two seasons. Coconut oil melted and coconut oil solid. That’s where the idea for this graphic came from. I especially enjoy the adorable summery pooch and the wintery snowball with the ice crystal.





If you would like to see this design on a different item, please let me know and I will try to make it happen.


As always, thank you for the time we spend together!



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Thrive Life Summer Launch Party – Today! Virtually anywhere.

Join in on details like how you can become a preferred customer, get free and half-0ff groceries, get 3% in bonus points on every order and qualify for free shipping! There’s a giveaway and fun games to play.

The best part is, spending time together. Wait, that’s tied with finding out what new items we added to the summer catalog. I am so excited to share with you!

Today, from anywhere you are, at 3:00 PST. It’s a Facebook party, so you can drop in when you like.

See you there!  Follow this link to the Thrive Life Summer Launch Party.

If you want a sneak peek, check out my Thrive Life website.

Find out for yourself why I feel so good eating Thrive Life food.


As always, thank you for the time we spend together!



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Before We Are Masters – Reiki II Refresher

Greetings. Blessings. Joy! Today I feel amazing, not because I have zero problems, but because I just do. That’s a gift that Reiki gives. Peace in the face of anything life brings.

Onto the Reiki II refresher. I think it’s important to review Level I and Level II concepts from time to time. After all, you want to give Reiki lots of chances to master you!

Let’s review how to do a distant Reiki send, with the help of this cute little dog.

Distant Reiki Refresher

Sending Reiki to an animal, situation or a person all have the same steps.

Questions? Please ask.

If you would like for me to send distant Reiki to you, please let me know. It’s my pleasure to help!


Reiki Master Teachers and Level II or III students, check out the brand new Reiki III (ART) Manual from The Reiki Cafe! Let me know if you purchase a copy so I can send you a special launch bag while I still have a few! Available for Kindle and in paperback.


As always, thank you for the time we spend together!



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Thrive Life – Versatile Tomato Powder

I would love to hear what you do with your tomato powder. I use it all the time to add depth to my lunch-time vegetable bowls, veggie drinks and soups.

This is where you get tomato powder! Start with a pantry can if you don’t use a lot of tomato. If you like to make sauce, get a family can. Here is the landing page to a bunch of recipes using tomato powder.

In a few days we are launching ten new grocery choices you are going to love for those nights when you want good, healthy food, but haven’t been to the store and don’t want to go to the store. They take little preparation, but do not taste that way. You know what I mean?

There are new Snackies Singles coming your way, too!

Our new preferred customer program will give you free shipping on orders…

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And the Winner is…

Kelly! This has been a lucky month for Kelly! She also won the newsletter drawing! Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing which virtual one-on-one ART workshop you will choose, or if you will take it in person at a retreat! Either way, these are your choices:

Workshop Choices

If you don’t have your copy of The Reiki Cafe Reiki III (ART) Manual, now is a great time to order it. I have more swag bags to go with your copy. The manual is available for Kindle and in paperback. Simply let me know when you have purchased your copy and I will be in touch so you can choose your crystal pendant and other awesome surprises! While supplies last, yada yada.


ART III (ART) Manual


Remember, you are always welcome to request distant Reiki when you have a need, and you can schedule your own virtual workshop with me. Workshops are $60 and are between 60-90 minutes. Contact me here or through



As always, thank you for the time we spend together. My life is fuller because you are a part of it!




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I Love My Fat Daddy!


That’s what it says on the back of the t-shirts worn by the busy, bustling staff at Fat Daddy’s, a family owned and operated BBQ spot in Redding, CA!

Do you think that you can’t have BBQ because you are a health foodie? I can respect that. I can also endorse having a plate of quality BBQ, heavenly beans and BBQ potatoes. You can get coleslaw if you haven’t had a salad yet before you answer the craving for smoky ribs, chicken or tri tip.

Try not to be too mad at the owners. Neither of them are fat. A testament to the fact that you can have your BBQ and your salad.

Now I know many of you aren’t close enough to Redding to treat yourself to a meal in the restaurant decorated by autographed dollar bills hanging from the ceiling and walls, but you can still taste…

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