When and Why – Food As Ally Approach to Exercise

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When your body is full of energy, you might be inspired to move it (a.k.a. exercise). Going for walks, swimming on summer nights, meeting friends for a yoga class, playing the drum with your neighborhood drum circle, or _______________________ (insert your favorite workout here) will sound and be rejuvenating if you’re energized.

Here’s a suggestion for when you want to move your body more, but time and energy aren’t lining up. I saw this video where Rosanna Pansino reviewed the Desk Cycle , giving it two thumbs up. This gadget, sitting under your desk, would be a convenient way to move your legs. The Desk Cycle part is found 3:07 into the video. Please note that this post is not sponsored.

Or you might not have any interest in exercising. And that’s okay, as long as you aren’t under medical direction to.

As beneficial as exercise is for improving circulation, keeping muscles active, increasing endurance, etc., forcing yourself to do it for any reason may not benefit your body or your emotions. Yes, exercise is a favorite to burn calories for what you ate or what you want to eat, or because you think you should, but there are healthier reasons. Especially if you’re forcing yourself. Who likes to be forced?

Another way of listening to our bodies is by resting when we need a break.

You’ll find alignment when you allow yourself to do what’s best for you, which can be as simple as trying what feels good and seeing how it goes. Maybe horseback riding is intriguing, but you haven’t tried it in a long time. If it interests you, do it. You may find that riding once a month energizes you in ways that a stationary bike never will.

I love to dance and go for walks. Usually every day, but there are days when I take a nap instead. That works for me, for now. The feeling that I am bursting with energy, music playing in my head, can lead to a ten-minute dance party. I get my cardio and sweat on. Or there’s a more mellow feeling when the outdoors is calling me to enjoy fresh air and say hi to neighbors. Either way, at the end, I am energized and happy. In the past I did more neck and shoulder yoga because I was in pain. Yoga videos, a couple of classes, and advice from my medical massage therapist combined into a custom yoga practice. I’m now pain free.

Tell me below how your body lets you know it wants to move. I’d love to hear about it.


P.S. Food As Ally group support meetings happen every Friday evening on Zoom. Click here for details.

5 thoughts on “When and Why – Food As Ally Approach to Exercise

  1. I know it’s time to start moving when I can’t focus on the task at hand. It means it’s time for a break, get up, take a quick walk, do some housework, put on some music and dance for a bit.

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  2. This is such a great way of looking at exercise and creating a balance. When we are tired and not feeling our best, we should not always push ourselves to do more.


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