QOTW: Today Is A Gift. What Are You Doing With It?

Today is a gift. What are you doing with it_

One way to chase away sadness and uncertainty is to view each new day as a gift and treat it like one.

Today we spent time with a dear friend – socially distanced, of course, and felt a renewed appreciation for the time spent together in person. We had all sheltered in place or self-isolated for weeks, in our individual efforts to flatten the curve. Simply being in the same physical space was a huge blessing.

Another gift today brought us is watching squirrels and birds, who seem to be as taken with us as we are with them.

How about you?


Thank you for the time we spent together today!


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QOTW – What Is Your Reiki Experience Level?

What is your Reiki experience level_ QOTW

I’m a 4 and have been since 2006 when I received my Level I Reiki training.

One of the best days of my life was when my Reiki Master Teacher asked if I wanted to train to become a Reiki Master Teacher, which I did in 2007.

I fell in love with Reiki, with all the blessings it has brought to my life, and to the lives of so many people I know. I express my gratitude for it every day when I send distance Reiki during meditation, while giving myself Reiki.

If you’re a 1, 2, or 3, here’s my definition of what Reiki is.

If you’re a 4, I’m sending you a virtual high five!


Thanks for the time we spent together today,



There are several ways you can support The Reiki Cafe. You can buy a book, review our books, have a Reiki session, take a workshop, study Reiki with Gina, tell your family and friends about us, share our posts, and/or donate to our virtual tip jar.

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Reiki For Families, Groups, & Couples

We are all in this together. Some of us are working from home while homeschooling our kids and trying to keep it all going while we honestly don’t know what tomorrow will bring. What we know for sure is that Reiki can help us relax. But where are we supposed to go to have that relaxing alone time? Nowhere. Everyone is home. And they need to chill out, too. I have a solution.


Add a heading.png


Reiki For The Whole Household – Group Reiki

Do you and everyone in your household need to relax together? I've got the perfect way for you to relax: A group Reiki session. We'll get together on a Zoom call, where I help balance energies and release energies between you and everyone in your household. The price quoted here is for 3 receivers. The session is 80 minutes long. If you have more than three people in your home, contact me to schedule.



Reiki For Couples

Couples Reiki Session – 70 Minutes

You and your love share so much, so how about sharing a relaxing Reiki session? This session is designed to bring you closer, clear away energies that neither of you need, and bring an overall glow to both of you at the same time.



Level II, III, or IV students who would like train in this technique, click here for information.


Session times are always limited, so book as soon as you can.


I appreciate the time we spend together,


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The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program To Take Charge Of Your Emotions Today By Julia Ross, M.A. – Tried It, Reviewed It, Recommend It

Mood Cure Cover

I was introduced to Ross’s work when I was working toward my nutrition degree and was assigned the task of finding a popular book about approaches to diet and write a paper about it. I chose The Diet Cure, Ross’s first book. Years later my dear friend, a talented NLP practitioner and Theta healer named Jillian O’Hara, recommended The Mood Cure based on her own experiences with it.. I remembered how impressive The Diet Cure was and added The Mood Cure to my TBR tower.

There are six pages of notes written in my book journal from while I was reading this book. I’ve added notes to handouts I give to clients directly quoting Ross’s work. This book is worth reading if you or someone you care for is trying to balance their moods, even if I didn’t agree with every point Ross made. For example, I thought a deeper analysis of liver function was needed before implementing amino acid therapy and I don’t depend on animal-sourced protein the way she does. Protein is definitely a key, but I believe that it can be plant-based if you eat complete proteins or combine them, like beans and rice. I’ve seen too much animal protein create new problems.

Everyone in a position of helping others with nutrition should read this book.

This review is of the ebook edition, published in 2002.

Highlights of the book are:

Evaluation of symptoms including a deeper dive into remedies.

A timeline for when you should see improvement from the remedy.

Specifics about supplementing with amino acids.

How low-calorie diets and skipped meals can quickly reduce vital serotonin-making supplies.

Informative charts. I saw the same charts in the paperback version and they were much easier to read there than in the ebook version.

Non-meat sources of tryptophan.

Which nutrients you need to take in for consistent neurotransmitter function.

Information about light therapy.

Chapter 13 is an exceptional approach to chronic pain and can improve daily life with simple changes.

Ross backs her information with research.

Amazing bibliography, including my introduction to 7 Weeks to Sobriety by Joan Matthews-Larson, which is easily the best book I’ve read on nutritional approaches to alcohol and substance dependency.


Is this book a substitute for a qualified nutrition professional? Simply put, no. We all need a trained professional to guide us through the entirety of making changes in a way that will lead to lasting results.

Reading this book will empower any reader in understanding how moods can be balanced, and that is golden.

Be sure to check out the great resources on Julia Ross’ website.

Thanks for reading,


Coming Soon to The Reiki Cafe store: Destiny Poem Videos

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QOTW: What Are You Bringing To The Pantry Party?

QOTW_ Pantry Party

Let’s help each other figure out what to do with those odds and ends we pushed back to the deep caverns of the pantry.

This is what we’d like help with: lots of dried chives, thin rice cakes we’ve lost a taste for, and a handful of dried sage flowers. Hmm. I’m stumped.

Suggestions, please!


Thanks for playing,



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Healthy Emotional Connections With Diane Novack – Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight

As a dealer of hope, love and peace my job is to spread joy, happiness and be the light to others. I do this in many ways, the underlying energy and intent is to be the light many are searching for; light the path to joy and happiness; to shine in love and peace so there is hope in all situations.

I practice Reiki daily, sending healing in various ways like connecting through FB, texts, phone calls, and now Zoom is a daily stop for me.

Then I found Send Out Cards* to stay connected…which is so important in isolation.  All of us are living a different normal and don’t know how long we will be separated from family and friends. We are feeling a sense of loss and fear. People like me are working to raise the vibration of as many as we can, therefore raising the vibration of the world. There is hope. There is love flowing. Peace of mind is a choice. My desire is that I help one person who helps another who helps another to have hope, feel and give love, and feel peaceful.

With Send Out Cards I design a card online, in the process infuse it with Reiki, input my friend’s address, press send. The card is printed exactly how I like, with my friend’s special pictures, sayings that are meaningful to us, even games for the grandsons like mazes, word searches and crosswords. The card is sent directly to my friend, family member, or business associate without me going to the store, buying stamps and remembering to put it in the mail. I can act on my kindness promptings with just a couple clicks and spend less, too!

I heard someone say life is like an EKG; there are peaks and valleys and that is good. When the line on the monitor is straight and calm, this life is over, we move on. Especially during the low times; I remind myself…This is life – ups and downs are what keeps me in this game.

I have always been an intuitive and empathic healer; although I didn’t know what that was for much of my life. It wasn’t until I started to realize my gifts, receiving a Reiki Attunement in 2009, that my life began to shift and I became more aware of my purpose in this life. BTW, I was a Grandma at the time so be patient, do the good things and clarity will come to you.

In the Fall of 2019 it was becoming apparent that I needed to get back to my calling, start practicing Reiki more; life had changed and I let Reiki sit on the side lines for a while. I wondered what my next big step would be. There were no big A-Ha moments until 2020…historic 2020. In February my husband had a heart attack. There was no warning, he seemed healthy and active; he was playing softball at the time. Thankfully he received exceptional treatment quickly and is now doing well, pleasantly surprising the doctors. We had already started to hear about Covid-19 but it seemed “over there.” It would be contained and not reach us so far away. We now know there are no borders and here we are in the midst of a pandemic. We are living in a new world. Life will be different as we live whatever life has become.

People who adjust, seek kindness and spread that shit around will be able to move forward quickest and easiest. We all will suffer loss in some way…some more than others and that is a sadness we share. There is hope. If we practice our gifts, share hope, Love and peace, the world will be a better place.

Hope, Love, Light and Peace to you all.





About Diane Novack

Diane is a southern girl transplanted to So Cal where she met her husband and married 50+ years ago. They have four grown  children and 8 grandSONS.- yes, all boys.

As a grandson recently pointed out, Diane isn’t the kind of Gramma that bakes cookies and makes special food for them. Usually she has the boys cook (with supervision of course) when they visit. Skill building is a main goal for her.

Diane spent years in the corporate world when her children were younger. As teen years came, she spent more and more time volunteering at schools, eventually leaving corporate America. She has always wanted to be a business owner and has been involved with Direct Sales off and on for 20+ years.

Currently as the leader of the So Cal Chapter of SEVEN Networking, she invites all business owners and those who want to meet new people to get their message out to come take a look.


Her favorite quote and life philosophy is from Rumi….. “ Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there….”

Diane’s Life Work is that of an Empathic Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Light Worker. She talks to trees, rocks and bees; and people too.

Connect With Diane



www.d.novack848 at gmail.com (formatted to keep the bots away.)

*This post contains an affiliate link.


Nutiva Hemp Protein Review + Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe -Tried It, Reviewed It, Recommend It

Nutiva Protein Powder

After trying every protein powder in the health food store and in my Urthbox delivery for the last three years, I know this is the best. Why? It’s organic. It’s hemp, which is a known superfood for its complete protein profile. It’s 100% hemp protein, no sugars or flavors added. I love the grind they use, which isn’t too fine, the way you often see with rice protein powder, which means that it blends well and has a nice texture. More bonuses – widely available, gluten-free, dairy-free, and there’s no bitter taste like you see with rice protein powder or pea protein powder.

Here’s an easy recipe to try out. Once you know the basics, you can take your smoothies as far as your imagination will go.

Banana Berry Smoothie


1 Banana

1 C. Strawberries (note: freeze if you want a chilled smoothie and freeze the banana, too,  if you want an icy smoothie.)

1 1/2 C. milk of your choice (choose one with protein). We use Trader Joe’s Simply Almond and Good Karma + Protein. Both are unsweetened. If you use animal-derived milk, buy organic, grass-fed, and raw, if the laws where you live allow for it. If not, get as close to that standard as you can.)

1/4 C. Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder


Measuring cups

Smoothie blender and attachments


Put the fruit into the blender cup. Add protein powder. Then add milk. If you like a thinner smoothie, you may want to add more milk at this point.

You bought the wrong smoothie blender (4)

Blend for 45 seconds. Enjoy!

You bought the wrong smoothie blender (6)

One handy reason why smoothies became and stayed popular is how versatile they are. You can hide put supplements in and never taste them. I use MSM powder (known for its bitter taste and for its effectiveness) for inherited arthritis. It helps me use my hands all day long without painful, forced rest breaks. Another supplement I put in my smoothie is liquid iodine, which I personally have a high need for to keep my thyroid happy.

Smoothies are fast, easy, and delicious. Pro tip: use only the best ingredients. The fewer toxins you take in, the fewer you have to detox. This way all the good stuff works extra well to give you longevity, happy taste buds, and the freedom to satisfy your cravings.

I have a delicious mocha smoothie recipe. If you want to see it, comment and I will share.

Do you have a favorite smoothie combination?

Nutrition is one of my greatest passions and it’s important for every living being. That’s why I love sharing easy, tasty ways to nourish yourself.

You know what else is important? Having lots of organized tools to turn to when you’re figuring out new parts of your life. Like the ones in this workbook.

One reviewer called it “A personal blueprint for happiness.” You can get your copy here.

I include a monthly workbook exercise in my newsletter, which you can sign up for here. You’ll get 6 Fast Vitality Boosters delivered to your inbox immediately.

Keep It Simple Cover

Thanks for the time we spent together today!


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What’s Coming Next From The Reiki Cafe

Copy of 30 Days Of Reiki & Inspiration


Destiny Number Video Poems

Do you know your destiny number_

Do you know your destiny number_page 2


What Is Your Biggest Need?

What is your BIGGEST need right now_ (1)Got it_ (1)Let's Put Light around it final

No matter how relieved some of us are to have our schedules slow down from a frantic pace, we are all adjusting. If you’re like me, you want to help. This is one way we can help each other from where we are. Drop a comment telling us what you need, and we’ll put light around it.

If you don’t want to type your need into the comments, just tell us you want to keep it private. Reiki will work the same way.


Much love and light to you!



There are several ways you can support me. You can buy a book, review my books, tell your family and friends about me, share my posts, and/or buy me a KO-fi.


All support is appreciated. Thank you.

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Creating Your Own Opportunities For Change By Guest Author Valeria Teles

Valeria Teles has great ideas to help you make the most of your life and the calm reassurance that we can do it!


Valeria Teles

Here are some of the ways to create your own opportunities to change:




  • Eating in a healthier manner, exercising, getting enough sleep.


  • Believing in yourself more.


  • Giving yourself credit for all the healthy and positive things you do or have done.


  • Learning to accept yourself for what is in your heart—for the principles and virtues you know you have.


  • Letting the child in you express herself/himself—letting her/him come out and play!


  • Becoming your own best friend.


  • Treating yourself with kindness.


Here is a conversation I have with my body, mind, and soul while doing Tai Chi tapping:


“I am sorry… (for the hurt I have caused you…)

I am grateful for your strength and resilience… (thank you for hanging in there…)

I love you… (for who you are… just the way you are…)”





  • If you want to experience happiness, all you need to do is be grateful for what you have.


  • Make appreciation a daily practice.


  • Try to show those around you how much they mean to you (in your own way; it doesn’t have to be through words). Focus on what you like about them. We don’t have to like someone as a whole to appreciate them.


  • Be genuinely appreciative of the smallest things that “others” do for you.


  • When exposed to people’s negative behaviors/responses, practice not taking what they do or say personally. Rather, practice being grateful for the lessons you are learning regarding how NOT to act or behave.





  • Self-acceptance is imperative for changing the way you think of yourself.


  • Embrace your imperfections, your silliness, your awkwardness—accept every little part of you, one by one.


  • It’s fine to make mistakes. When you make them, be patient or laugh before judging yourself.


  • Think of when you were a child; when you didn’t judge yourself and just enjoyed the freedom to be you.


  • You acknowledge that every negative thought you still have about yourself and “others” has been a practice you have engaged in your entire life. You are not trying to eliminate these thoughts. Rather, you are trying to create new, healthy, and positive ones that, by manifesting them as a new reality, replace the old ones.


  • If you can’t replace old, negative thoughts, integrate them with healthy and positive experiences. This was exactly what I did when I wrote the Fit for Joy My new, exciting career as an author was fostered by telling the story of my life, which, basically, had been a “ball” of negative experiences.


This changed everything. I was even able to be grateful for those negative experiences, for without them I wouldn’t be experiencing a kind of deeper understanding about myself, life, and “others.”



The “Loving” ourselves practice starts by learning to identify where your fears are hiding, while trying not to consciously face them with other kinds of disguised fearfor example, jumping out of a plane because you are afraid of heights. Rather, begin by practicing virtues associated with “Love” awarenessacceptance, gratitude, patience, kindness, understanding, and letting go—among others.


Everything is practice.


Living in fear takes the practice of allowing negative responses to govern your lifean “asleep” state.


Living with “Love” awareness requires you to practice remaining awakened in the dream of life.


Think about the dreams we have while we sleep. Life that we understand as reality is not much different.


Your dream is creating your reality. You have no control over where it takes you and how you get where you find yourself.


This is no different from emotional feelings when you let them guide your life. But when you are “awakened” in the dream of life, you are where you want to be (in the moment) and you also know how you got there.


Valeria Teles (pen-name) aka Valeria Koopman, was a fitness trainer and first-prize fitness competitor who became the author of the Fit for Joy book to share the connection between holistic health and spirituality.


In Fit for Joy, she starts a conversation about the “true” meaning of health through her professional and personal experiences.


Teles is also a non-duality author who  recently published a new book on Love awareness. This work is comprised of thoughts on self-care, non-dual living, self-inquiry, and relational awareness. It brings to light how self-knowledge ignites the process of defining what “Love” is in our lives.


As a podcast host, Valeria explores meaningful truths, ideas, and insights about physical, mental and spiritual health to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us toward a new way of being well.


Valeria coaches self-love for well-being and promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to anyone she comes across. She eats mindfully, exercises regularly and enjoys living by nature.


She resides in New York with her husband Christopher.


Website: fitforjoy.org

Email: info@fitforjoy.org

For coaching services: https://fitforjoy.org/coaching