The Reiki Cafe’s Latest Healthy Habits Challenge Starts Today!

It’s time for our newest Healthy Habits Challenge! We will focus for the next 21 days on foods, drinks and activities which are known to improve your pH overall.

        Why would you want to increase your pH? To feel great!

     You’re savvy, so you may already know that the pH of your blood is automatically maintained by your body. We’re not trying to alkalize our blood. Some of you may see an improvement if you test your urine, however.

     What we’re doing is challenging and supporting one another to eat foods which are known to have a high alkaline-forming effect, choose drinks which are known to have a high alkaline-forming effect and to participate in activities which are known to have a high alkaline-forming effect.

     We will check in twice each week to share tips, progress and encouragement. The group is on Facebook. If you were in the last Healthy Habits Challenge then you should have received a notice today that we are starting a new challenge.

Questions? Feel free to ask!


As always, thank you for the time we spend together! I hope to see you challenge yourself!



Holistic Health Consultant, B.S. Holistic Nutrition


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