Thrive Life November Specials and Black Friday Exclusives!






Preferred customers, ask me how much you have in free grocery points if you want to use them during the Black Friday sale. You have first priority and can order one day ahead of everyone else. Your first day to order is 11/21/17. I am taking pre-orders now if you want me to put the order in for you.

If you are not a preferred customer, there is time to start now so you can order early, too, and start enjoying all the benefits that come with being a preferred customer.

Sale prices will be active for all customers starting 11/22/17.


Cookies and Cream Ice Cream!

Available only during the Black Friday sale. You can place a pre-order with me if you like. This will sell out as fast as the cookie dough bites did during the spring sale, so jump on it if you want ice cream. The sale price is $8.49 per Snackies pouch.


Special Black Friday Simple Plate

Black Friday orders that are $200 or more qualify for an exclusive Black Friday Simple Plate. You may order as many as you like of the Chicken Cranberry Crepe with apple cinnamon cranberry sauce. Yum!



Special Black Friday Pack

We put together a package with a few of our favorites – Fuji apples, pulled pork, peaches and asparagus.

If you order Simple Plate between October and November 20th (there’s still time!), then you can order one of these at 50% off.



Pulled Pork is Now Available in the Family Can!

The item # is 21579 and your party price is $62.99. The Black Friday sale price is $52.49.



Sweet & Sour Beef with Rice – A New Simple Plate Meal

Sweet & Sour Beef with Rice



Simple plate plus





I have openings for hosts to have parties starting in December. Check with me for a list of dates. If you are not in Addison or the north Dallas area, I will send all that you need to have a fun, successful party. Read more about party hosting and benefits here.

host benefits


I love, love, love Thrive Life. How can I join Thrive Tribe?

consultant perks

Start by checking out our Career Plan, then get in touch with me to get you started! I started with Thrive Life because I love the food. Now I love the food, my team, my perks and that my commissions keep coming! There is so much room to grow as much as I want to with Thrive Life. What are your dreams?


You can order through my website by clicking here, or e-mail me to arrange for me to place your order for you.

If you have questions, please ask. I would love to help.



Thank you for thriving with me!



Thrive Life Independent Consultant


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There’s a Tasting Tonight in Claremont!

Nina, my lovely daughter and owner of My Thrive Bakery, Alan (my awesome future husband) and I will be in Claremont tonight for a Thrive Life cooking demo and tasting. We would love to see you there! Plus, there are prizes!

Join us at the Women’s Club of Claremont
343 W. 12th St.
Claremont, CA 91711
It’s from 7:00-9:00

Here’s more info about tonight:


As always, thank you for reading!


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Stop Searching for Healthy Food – We Deliver

Set up your monthly delivery with the Q! Gina will also include a free chakra balancing with each new Q as a thank you gift until 4/23/16.

There are so many choices with 166 products. We have two easy ways to try a variety of THRIVE Life foods.

Smart Start Option 1Option 1: Smart Start A Taste of Thrive. $100.00 per month for three months. Remember, you’re not finding “extra” money for your Q, you’re buying groceries.


Option 2: Smart Start Chef’s Selections. $200.00 per month for three months. Adding Chef’s Selections to your groceries is easy! Everything is delivered to you, and you’re not putting extra money into it.

Both options qualify you for a free Q Club membership where you will receive the best pricing and Q points (3%) you can apply to next month’s order or save them up.

Talk with Gina about hosting a party to earn free food or about joining her THRIVE Life team as a consultant to earn commissions, free food and to take your business as high as you want to go!  Join the team by 4/23/16 and you will receive a free chakra balancing and a free mini nutrition analysis.

If you are in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, or Wyoming you can have two free chakra balancings, without the mini nutrition analysis, because of the nutrition laws in those states.

Questions? She’d love to answer them. You can reach her by e-mail:

As always, we appreciate the time you spend with us!

Gina and Cyhndi

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THRIVE Life March Specials End 3/31


Every month THRIVE Life offers excellent savings on top-selling GMO free, high quality, high vibration foods. This month’s sale selection ends on the 31st. To place an order, or ask questions, contact Gina:

You can earn free THRIVE Life food by hosting a virtual party!

The Q-Pon for colby cheese is for Q members only. Start your Q so that you can take advantage of monthly specials, earn points for free food, and receive monthly shipments that will save time and money at the grocery store (THRIVE Life delivers to you!)

There is always more room on our THRIVE Life team. If you’re looking for a business you can grow with, ask Gina how you can eat healthier and earn money while doing it.

As always, thank you for thriving with us!

Gina and Cyhndi

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March Madness Sale Begins Today!

March Madness 2016

My favorite special of the sale is the #10 can of non-GMO, pesticide free sliced strawberries, 45 servings, for under $18.00!


March Specials 2016

All of this for only $109.29!

Ask your questions, place your order, host a party to earn free THRIVE Life, or join Gina’s team by starting your own THRIVE Life business. E-mail

Sale ends March 21st. All prices are while supplies last.

Remember, many of these freeze dried foods have a 25 year shelf life, and will be good for a year after they are opened. It’s a great time to stock up!

As always, thank you for everything!

Gina and Cyhndi

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