Make Health A Habit: 30 Days Of Coaching, Group Support, Inspiration, And Reiki

Do you want to know how much better you can feel by making four small changes, every day, for a month?

That’s what the challenge is! Plus you will have an experienced Certified Nutrition Consultant, two Reiki Master Teachers, and loads of support in a private Facebook group.

In a nutshell, the challenge is to consistently add these four things to your day, every day, which will help- make them a habit throughout the month of June and beyond.

You will be adding:

1 serving of vegetables. For example, if you start the challenge with two daily servings of vegetables, you’ll be going for three daily servings.

1 serving of fruit. For example, if you start the challenge with two daily servings of fruit, you’ll be going for three daily servings.

1 glass of water. For example, if you start the challenge drinking 30 oz of water daily, your daily goal will be 38 oz of water.

10 additional minutes of movement. For example, if you started the challenge with 15 minutes of exercise, you’ll be adding 10 more minutes daily, for a total of 25 minutes.

More details…

We’ll set intentions at the beginning of the month, have regular check ins, and your coaches will be cheering you on throughout the challenge. At the end of the month, we will see what we accomplished with our efforts.

You will be supported by your cohosts Gina Briganti (Certified Nutrition Consultant & Reiki Master Teacher) from The Reiki Café and Diane Novack (Reiki Master Teacher) from Diane’s Spirit Candies.

To join the challenge, click on the scheduling link. The fee for a month of inspiration, distant Reiki support, tips, and coaching is $20.

When you schedule, please choose June 1st as your date. Don’t pay attention to the part where the scheduling block says it’s a 30-minute event, it’s just a field that had to be filled. We’re going for the full month!

Sign up for the challenge here.

You’ll be given the option to add a 60-Minute Reiki session for the discounted price of $60.00 with Gina or Diane. This is for challenge group members only. Reiki sessions are normally $70.00 for 60-Minutes.

You will be contacted at the email used to schedule to be added to the Facebook event if we aren’t already Facebook friends.

Questions? Please ask.