Student Spotlight – Elizabeth Hamsher

Cyhndi and I are excited to share our first student spotllight! We’d like you to meet Elizabeth Hamsher, one of my students. Liz speaks of radiating light, and I totally agree that she does. Liz recently taught her first Reiki level I class and started a position as a healer. Congratulations, Liz! The sky is the limit!

     We asked Liz to tell us about her journey into healing. This is her story.

Liz Hamsher

I am quite honored to be a part of The Reiki Cafe’s Student Spotlight. This is such a pleasure and for that I am truly blessed.

     I am a Reiki Master Teacher residing in the beautiful sunny LA area where I radiate the light and heal with love. In addition to Reiki healing, I also work with essential oils as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate. Through the use of both of these modalities, my life has been magically enriched. With the use of Reiki energy and essential oils in my daily journey, I feel the power of the universe and am content with utter fullness. For that, I am grateful.

     Living as a Reiki healer, my day to day radiates with the purple & white light of constant love. I use Reiki during most moments and with all life that I encounter; with permission of course. By implementing essential oil work alongside my practice, I have taken my spiritual path to a more elevated plane.

      dōTERRA’s oils emit their own frequency and assist with healing the mind, body and soul with a valued holistic approach. Through the use of these enchanting “gifts of the earth,” I have really noticed a transformation! Not only does my physical body feel mighty, strong, and appear healthy, but my metaphysical body is truly connected in ways that feel tangible to life. I no longer go through the motions of living, but am actually linked to life in a more profound way.

      dōTERRA’s essential oils have impacted my life drastically. Their wisdom speaks to my spirit and in return, I love to share the knowledge behind their intelligence.

     I hold workshops weekly explaining dōTERRA in greater detail; from oils, to everyday conscious products that they carry, to all the good that they do around the globe with their co-impact sourcing, and so on. Along with the weekly workshops, I also share the essential oil message with my AromaTouch Technique sessions and articles depicting a greater look into all the possibilities of essential oil usage.

                                                                                                  Mansfield Manor

     My mission on this earth is to heal. I am enthused that Reiki assists me on this voyage and having the oils is just the cherry on top of it all. If you feel drawn to my energy and are curious to learn more about dōTERRA and incorporating essential oils into your life, then please feel free to reach out to me:  I can get you all set up on my mailing list, where I send a couple of emails a month offering more of this juicy information in greater detail.

     I want to thank Gina & Cyhndi for this Student Spotlight praise. I am beyond grateful and thrilled to share my story.

     Peace, Joy, Love, and much Light to you all.

     Liz Hamsher     
     Reiki Master Healer/doTERRA Wellness Advocate


As always, Cyhndi and I thank you for the time you spend with us!


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