Small Business Love

We find ourselves in potentially life-changing circumstances, where many of our main sources of income have completely stopped. Some of us have secondary businesses which have become our primary incomes. That’s why I thought we could help each other by sharing what we have to offer and have the opportunity to buy what we need from a home or small business.

We hope the many small things we do are helpful.


Now, I have something exciting and new for you!


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Blessings In Every Situation

We’re going through a lot together, which is why I’d like to ask if you are finding blessings in your life?

What we’ve noticed in our home is that we are aware of how dependent we became on paper goods, and how we’re adapting without them. We’ve realized how many things we took for granted and are finding new appreciation for every person who contributes to giving us a good life.

What blessing are you finding?