5-Star Review: Keeping It Clean: A Do It Yourself Guide To Non-Toxic Housekeeping by Cyhndi Mora


Having this book in my reference library is like a security blanket against any stain we can manage to make in our home!

The question I ask myself about any new book is, “What does this book have that I can’t get somewhere else. Like the all-searchable internet?” The answers to that with this book are many. That’s how I knew it was a must have.

Recipes for any cleaner I could possibly need to make! Excellent recipes, in fact. I’ve been using the multi-purpose cleaner for years. I’m excited to try a couple of new ones, too, like the toilet ring remedy and making my own laundry soap. DIY laundry soap has been on my wish list for years now, but the recipes I saw were too complicated. The one in “Keeping It Clean” is perfect for me because, as the book says, I probably already have the ingredients. Which I do!

Essential oil index for cleaning and other household tips. I love having this index at my fingertips!

Cleaning tips for every room in my house. I learned so much on my first read through of the book. I know I’ll be learning from this book for years to come.

Best of all? A fast way to see which of my cleaners should be replaced.

You are going to love saving money on your cleaners and customizing your scents!

I don’t know if a print version of the book is planned for the future, but for now it is only available on Kindle. If a print version becomes available it will be on my holiday gift-giving list.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I encourage anyone with an interest in non-toxic cleaning to have a copy of this book.

Here are some links for you to explore:

Blooming Clean’s Facebook Page – this is the page the author uses for her cleaning service.

Cyhndi Mora’s Amazon Author Page

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