THRIVE Life March Madness Sale Ends Today!

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We hope you take advantage of these great deals before the end of the day! Sales ends at 11:00 PST. To order: Contact Gina at with questions or order directly from our THRIVE Life website.

You can stock up because you have a year to eat them after you open the can. You get all the benefits of fresh food and the option to put some cans in the pantry for emergencies. Most products have a 25 year shelf life.

go-to pantry pack


Go-To Pack of Pantry Cans

On sale for $213.39 $149.99

pears40% off

Pears – Freeze Dried #10 Can – (servings: 46)  Now $33.59
Pears – Freeze Dried Pantry Can – (servings: 15) Now $13.39

Ingredients: Non-GMO pears

strawberries40% off

Strawberry Slices – Freeze Dried #10 Can – (servings: 45) Now $17.69
Strawberry Slices – Freeze Dried Pantry Can – (servings: 14) Now $6.69

Ingredients: Non-GMO strawberries


 40% Off

Raspberries – Freeze Dried #10 Can – (servings: 48) Now $20.99
Raspberries – Freeze Dried Pantry Can – (servings: 17) Now $8.59
Ingredients: Non-GMO raspberries



 30% off

Ingredients: Non-GMO blueberries.

30% off on blueberries makes a #10 can .60 a serving. (51 servings for $30.79)!

Pantry cans are now $11.69 for 17 servings!

You can stock up because you have a year to eat them after you open the can. Plus the can has a 25 year shelf life.



                                                                             Pinto Beans

Ingredients: Non-GMO pinto beans

50% off
#10 Can – (servings: 47)Now $6.79
Pantry Can – (servings: 15) Now $3.19

See more specials on the Picker Page. We’ve shown you some of the deepest discounts, but there are still plenty of great deals. This is a great time to try THRIVE!

Would you like to start a THRIVE Life business of your own? Gina has room on her team and would love to work with you! Ask her how you can earn your consultant’s kit.

As always, thank you for the time you spend with us!

Gina and Cyhndi

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