5-Star Book Review: Alkaline Diet: Soup Recipes by Elena Garcia



Whether you’re looking for basic information about what an alkaline diet is or good soup recipes or a system to get your health back on track, we think you will be happy with the information in this book.
The recipes range between comfy old favorites like ginger carrot, minestrone, vegetable barley, and white bean and kale, to the unique green soup and farro chili.
Please note that you will not see food photos in the Kindle version. We don’t know if the print version includes photos or not.

Gina has followed the concept of the alkaline diet since she started studying at the Edison Institute of Nutrition in 2003, where she received her certificate in nutrition and Bachelor’s degree in Applied Nutrition in 2005. She worked in a day spa where the owner insisted that all nutrition plans follow the tenets of the alkaline diet, which taught her even more about the benefits.

From personal and professional experience, Gina can confirm that eating as recommended by the tenets of alkaline nutrition does make a difference for most of the clients she has coached. The why is simple: alkaline foods are mostly raw fruits and vegetables. If you increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables in your daily life, you are greatly increasing your water intake, your enzyme intake, your fiber intake, your vitamin and mineral intake, and your antioxidant intake. There’s no mystery as to why that leads to helping you feel better.

Cooking does change the pH (potential hydrogen) of foods but following an alkaline diet does allow for cooking vegetables. Good news, you don’t have to go raw unless you want to!

This book will definitely get you started or add to your recipe collection. Enjoy!




As always, thank you for the time you spend with us!

Gina and Nina

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