Get Your Black Friday Specials Before We Sell Out! Huge Stock Up Sale!

It has begun, and it will last through Monday, but I don’t know what we’ll have in stock by then so order as early as you can!

Order directly from my site or call my landline if you have questions or would like me to help you place your order: (760) 366-0368. You can also e-mail me:

Here’s what we’ve already sold out of and when we will have the items back in stock:

Bucket / 8 Plus – Weeks
Front Shelf 8 Plus – Weeks
8 Plus – Weeks
Harvest Front Shelf – Pantry Can 8 Plus – Weeks
Pure Vanilla Powder – Spice Can Spice Can / 8 Plus – Weeks
Red Bell Peppers – Freeze Dried Pantry Can / 2-8 Weeks
Pantry Can (10 Pack) / 2-8 Weeks
Sauce Variety 4-Pack Variety 4-Pack / 2-8 Weeks
Seasoned Chicken Slices – Freeze Dried Family Size (#10) / 2-8 Weeks
Case (6 Cans) / 2-8 Weeks
Velouté (Rich Chicken Gravy)

The Flyers


flyer-black-friday-sale-2016-page-003We have more great items on sale! Visit the Black Friday Picker Page to see all of the specials!

I have an update for our Holiday Food Drive. There is a family who lost their mother to cancer a week ago. One of my sister consultants is secretly collecting food for the husband and children to give as a big holiday gift to ease meal preparation, finances and shopping as they grieve and try to adjust to life without her. If you would like to send Thrive Life foods to them please get in touch with me and I will give you the shipping information or simply send your gift directly to the consultant for you.

Lastly, if you’re wondering what to do with your Thrive Life cans once the outstanding food is gone, here’s one more idea! It’s an herb garden.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving,


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P.S. You’re invited to our December 8th Share “Making Holiday Jar Meals” as gifts. Be sure to R.S.V.P.!

About The Reiki Cafe

Gina Bio Pic 9-19

                                                                      About Gina

I am a Holistic Health Consultant, Reiki Teacher, graphic designer and author. You can find me in Dallas, TX, USA, enjoying life, following my passion, and helping others do the same.

I enjoy sharing the many good things our experience has to offer.  Feel free to connect with me here, on my fiction website, Facebook, my Amazon Author Page, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and on Goodreads.  They’re all good places to be inspired and build a connection.

Connect with me through e-mail via

But it’s called The Reiki Cafe.  Where’s the food? I often share new recipes and recipe reviews through my newsletter, which you can sign up for here.

Reiki class retreats are forming now in north Texas, where amazing, healthy food is done for you. Once upon a time I was a personal chef, and I still love to get in the kitchen during retreats. Get on the list for the next retreat by signing up for the newsletter.

In closing I have two questions for you.

What are your dreams?

How can I help you live them?

October 2016 Classes and Events

October 2016 Classes and Events


Instructor: Gina Briganti

Reiki Master Teacher, Thrive Life Independent Consultant, Holistic Health Consultant

Contact: (760)366-0368

Reiki Level I Class (Self-healing): October 1st from 10:00 – 3:00. Register by September 24th. The first step in learning Reiki focuses on receiving your attunement, learning about the history of Reiki, learning how to give yourself a treatment, time with your teacher to ask your questions, meeting your Reiki guide through meditation and receiving your certificate. Thrive Life snacks and lunch will be provided. The fee for the class is $220. The text we use is The Power of Reiki by Tanmaya Honervogt, which can easily be found for purchase online. You will need to have your own copy of the book for the class.

Reiki Symbol Workshop: October 8th from 10:00 – 1:00. Register by October 1st. You must be level II or higher to attend this workshop. We will explore Reiki symbols, listening to what they have to teach us, refining our skills about how, when, why and where to use them. Thrive Life snacks will be provided. The fee for the workshop is $60.

Scrumptious Saturday Share: October 15th from 2:30-3:30. R.S.V.P. by October 8th. This month’s share will focus on honoring our Holiday Food Drive hosts with a “Thank you” gift. All are welcome, even if you do not plan to participate in our Holiday Food Drive. Our demo will be classic holiday foods made with Thrive Life ingredients. There is no fee to attend the share.

Guided Meditation: October 29th from 10:00-11:30. Register by October 22nd. Meditations are one hour long, with thirty minutes of discussion following the meditation. The fee for each meditation class is $20.

If these dates don’t work for you, or if you would like to schedule a workshop via Skype, let me know. It’s easier than you think!


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Scrumptious Saturday Share is this Saturday!


Please R.S.V.P. by Thursday, August 18th, if you are joining us in Joshua Tree. We want to be sure to have enough of our delicious new food to share with you!

E-mail: or reply to this post to communicate with us.

If you can”t be for this Share and would like samples of the new products, let us know and we’ll gladly send them to you in the mail (U.S. only).

This is the link to order from when you’re ready. We’ll have a tablet available at the Share to make ordering your favorites easy.
We’ll talk about the Q, hosting, August sale items and about team opportunities during the Share, too!

We can’t wait to Share with you!

Save the date for our next Share, which will be a Taste of Thrive event on Saturday, September 24th, in Joshua Tree. We hear these events are loads of fun!


As always, thank you for sharing with us!


Gina and Cyhndi


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August Thrive Life Specials!

To place an order call Gina (760) 366-0368 (landline) or visit

Just Launched!

Purple Kale!

Pulled P0rk

Cheddar Bites, Cheddar Bites Singles 8 pack and Snackies Singles Variety Pack (Includes 2 cheddar bites)!

Very Berry Parfait, as a pouch, singles 8 pack, or in the variety pack (2 very berry parfait in the box)

Singles Variety Pack (2 of each, coconut bites, cheddar bites, very berry parfait and carrot fruit crisp)


All of the Snackies Singles come in an 8 Pack!

Start your Q (monthly delivery) of $100 or more and receive a bonus of one of each of the singles, and a chakra balancing or mini nutrition analysis.

Benefits of the Q:

3% of your Q turns into Q points, which you can use on your non-Q orders.

Qpons – our specially priced item of the month is only available on the Q

Specials for Q members only

Our Best Values!


Limeade and Lemonade – Stock Up! They’re Seasonal. Both powders can be used as juice or mixed with a sweetner to make an ade.



Visit to order our amazing food! If you have questions, please call Gina (760) 366-0368. This is a landline.


Thank you for reading about our specials!


Gina and Cyhndi

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Stop Searching for Healthy Food – We Deliver

Set up your monthly delivery with the Q! Gina will also include a free chakra balancing with each new Q as a thank you gift until 4/23/16.

There are so many choices with 166 products. We have two easy ways to try a variety of THRIVE Life foods.

Smart Start Option 1Option 1: Smart Start A Taste of Thrive. $100.00 per month for three months. Remember, you’re not finding “extra” money for your Q, you’re buying groceries.


Option 2: Smart Start Chef’s Selections. $200.00 per month for three months. Adding Chef’s Selections to your groceries is easy! Everything is delivered to you, and you’re not putting extra money into it.

Both options qualify you for a free Q Club membership where you will receive the best pricing and Q points (3%) you can apply to next month’s order or save them up.

Talk with Gina about hosting a party to earn free food or about joining her THRIVE Life team as a consultant to earn commissions, free food and to take your business as high as you want to go!  Join the team by 4/23/16 and you will receive a free chakra balancing and a free mini nutrition analysis.

If you are in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, or Wyoming you can have two free chakra balancings, without the mini nutrition analysis, because of the nutrition laws in those states.

Questions? She’d love to answer them. You can reach her by e-mail:

As always, we appreciate the time you spend with us!

Gina and Cyhndi

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