Affirmation Magic

Graphic by Gina Briganti

Remind yourself that your body is a master healer. Say it to yourself when you feel worried or not at your best. Think about all the times your body healed on its own. Look at yourself in the mirror and empower your body with these words by saying them out loud.

These are a few suggestions. How will you bring this affirmation to life?


Wrestling The To-Do List Hydra – Simple Saturday

Graphic Design Credit: Gina Briganti

The mythical (at least we think it is) hydra sprouts three heads every time you manage to cut one off, making the hydra a worthy competitor for the most accomplished task-list master. Here are my tips for how to come out on top of the list and take your whole life to the next level.

Wishing you a Happy Saturday,


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10 Reasons #Affirmations Work – A Biased View & Wisdom Wednesday – It’s More Than A Band

Happy Wednesday! I’ve got a couple of Inspirate With Gina links to share today. If you’re on Medium, please share your link in the comments so I can see what you’ve been up to over there.

To read 10 Reasons Affirmations work on Medium, click on this link.

To read the answer to the weekly question, “How can we live an inspired life this week?” click on this link to read the article on Medium and see the new card I designed for the deck,

Thanks so much for the time we spend together!


What Is Your Biggest Need?

What is your BIGGEST need right now_ (1)Got it_ (1)Let's Put Light around it final

No matter how relieved some of us are to have our schedules slow down from a frantic pace, we are all adjusting. If you’re like me, you want to help. This is one way we can help each other from where we are. Drop a comment telling us what you need, and we’ll put light around it.

If you don’t want to type your need into the comments, just tell us you want to keep it private. Reiki will work the same way.


Much love and light to you!



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Advanced Reiki Problem Solving Workshop Registration is Closing

The workshop is on February 20th from 10:00-2:00. Registration closes on February 13th.

Instructor: Gina Briganti, Reiki Master Teacher.

This class is in person, in Joshua Tree.

Reiki Problem Solving is an advanced Reiki technique, perfect for those who want to deepen their connection to Reiki.

We will explore two specific problems per practitioner in depth in each class. The fee for this workshop is $60.

Wishing you a Reiki day,


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