1/12/23 Update: Registration is closed for this class. If you would like to attend a future class, please email thereikicafe at gmail dot com so we can get that started for you.

Learn Reiki With US!


You need to have had a 1-hour Reiki session, whether it was with Gina (me) or another Reiki Practitioner or Master Teacher.

You must have a book about Reiki which includes self-treatment hand positions. The book choice is up to you. I have a list of suggestions ready.

Have a conversation with me at least one week before class, if we don’t already know each other. You can schedule a free 20-minute Q&A with this link: https://the-reiki-caf.square.site/ If you don’t see a time that works for you, reach out and we’ll find one.

Included in your class tuition:

Q&A, attunement, meet your Reiki guide (guided meditation), snacks and lunch, self-treatment practice, and certification.

Reiki Level I Class Registration Bonus

Complete payment by 1-2-23 includes a bonus 30-minute Reiki session. You will be contacted at the payment email used with next steps. 2 of 4 seats remain in this class.


Reiki Level I Class Deposit

This deposit holds your space. Full registration is due by 1-14-2023. 2 of 4 seats remain in this class. You will be contacted via email with next steps.


We are excited about this class and looking forward to a transformative day!

Peace and love,


Simple Nutrition Advice

It does exist. If you start here, your next steps will start to show themselves.

Affordable weekly group support meetings are the difference between wanting change and taking informed steps to sustainable wellness.

Food As Ally group (in person) support meetings are every Wednesday evening from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. CST at Lotus Salon Suites in Dallas, Texas.

Zoom Reiki Food As Ally Weekly Group Support Meetings are Friday evenings from 7:00-8:00 CST.

Visit www.foodasally.com for registration, details, and information.

Happy Surprises

Photo credit: Gina Briganti

The plan to watch holiday movies and write cards has changed because there are new episodes of #greysanatomy, #wheeloftime, and #theexpanse. These cards are going to be interesting, don’t you think?


Permission Slips for Unforgettable Holidays

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#Pet #Reiki Shoutout

I love my dog, cat, and horse clients. Here’s a shoutout to them. A scratch behind the ears and a Reiki hug, too.

What do your pets do during their Reiki sessions? I love pet Reiki stories.


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A Trained Intuitive Reviews A Book About Reincarnation And Life Between Lives

Making this video was such a pleasure!

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Favorite Poem – Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge

My favorite poem inspires me and feels like deep knowledge. Every time I read it, I think about how my viewpoint has changed since I thought I knew everything.

I like to muse about how I will view this same poem in a year, or two, or ten.

Yesterday I was clever,

So I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise,

So I am changing myself.


Welcome, if you’re visiting from the LASR Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge.

If you like this topic and want to see what other bloggers had to say, click here to play along by visiting all the bloggers in this week’s challenge. The topic is favorite poems, short stories, or novellas.

What do you think of this Rumi poem?

Thanks for the time we spent together today,


Moments With Marni & How Good Can It Get – LOA Manifesting On 4-4

Every day is special if you make it that way. Today is more so, because it is the 4th day, of the 4th month, of a 4 year. What that means in terms of numerology is that it is full of 4 energy – which we use to build what we want through discipline and work.

What do you want to bring into your life that you’re willing to work for? Now, with that in mind, watch these two videos about manifesting. Remember to keep it easy, effortless, joyful, graceful, in the highest good of all, and harming no one.



These two ladies have been inspiring me for a long time and it is a pleasure to share their videos with you.


Peace and love,



Destiny poem videos are coming soon. Do you know your destiny number?


Note that if you are seeing this post on a mobile device, use the desktop setting so the calculations below line up in a way that makes sense.

Here’s how you find out what your destiny number is:

Find the number equivalent for each letter of your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, using this letter/number grid. I’m using a Pythagorean grid.

Our example is going to be a woman I greatly admire –
Maya Angelou. Her name at birth: Marguerite Annie Johnson
M   a    r    g    u    e    r    i     t     e      A   n    n    i     e        J    o    h    n   s    o    n
4 + 1 + 9 + 7 +3 + 5 + 9 + 9 + 2 + 5      1 + 5 + 5 + 9 + 5       1 + 6 + 8 + 5 +1+ 6 + 5
                         =                                              =                                     =
                         54                                           25                                   32
                        5+4                                         2+5                                 3+2
                          =                                              =                                    =
                           9                                            7                                     5
                           9  +                                         7  +                                5 =   21
                                                                     2 + 1 = 3
Maya Angelou is a destiny number 3, a creative, self-expressive destiny she fulfilled despite any setbacks she faced.
Copy of 30 Days Of Reiki & Inspiration




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Before We Are Masters – Reiki II Refresher

Greetings. Blessings. Joy! Today I feel amazing, not because I have zero problems, but because I just do. That’s a gift that Reiki gives. Peace in the face of anything life brings.

Onto the Reiki II refresher. I think it’s important to review Level I and Level II concepts from time to time. After all, you want to give Reiki lots of chances to master you!

Let’s review how to do a distant Reiki send, with the help of this cute little dog.

Distant Reiki Refresher

Sending Reiki to an animal, situation or a person all have the same steps.

Questions? Please ask.

If you would like for me to send distant Reiki to you, please let me know. It’s my pleasure to help!


Reiki Master Teachers and Level II or III students, check out the brand new Reiki III (ART) Manual from The Reiki Cafe! Let me know if you purchase a copy so I can send you a special launch bag while I still have a few! Available for Kindle and in paperback.


As always, thank you for the time we spend together!



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