Our First Ever Thrive Life Back To School Sale

For the first time ever, we’re having a Back to School Sale with nearly ALL canned items on sale! Make your life easier with simple ingredients that are ready for that last-minute rush.  And no worries, our cans are BPA free.

You can stock up on fruits, veggies, and Snackies that will have your kids asking for more. No squished peaches in the backpack and 50% off! Sealed cans have a long shelf life, with no nutrition or taste lost!

When: Sale begins for Consultants on August 22 at 9am MDT. Sale begins for all other customers on August 23 at 9am MDT. Sale ends on August 27 at 11:59pm MDT or while supplies last.

Where: On the picker page or Delivery Service, You will see the sale prices now, but remember that if you order before the sale starts you will pay current pricing.


Delivery Service customers with orders over $100 get free shipping! 

If you are not signed up for delivery service, talk to us today to get set up so you can get these great deals shipped to you for free! Setup is free, there are no minimums, and you are completely in control of your delivery service options. We love free shipping!

What: Our most popular grocery items will be on sale plus sale-only variety packs you won’t want to miss! Check out the flyers below to learn more.

straw berrry banana

We’ll be offering a Back to School Sale-only product starting on Wednesday, August 22!

Strawberries and bananas that won’t turn to mush in their lunches. Or yours. Great for on the go, snacking, and to quell the hunger while you’re making dinner.





Pro tip: If you are excited about the deep discounts in these flyers be sure to order as early as you can on the first day of the sale, because the deep discounts run out FAST!

Questions? Please ask because we are happy to help. E-mail us: thereikicafe@gmail.com or comment below.


Thank you for the time you spend with us!

Gina and Nina

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June 10th is National Iced Tea Day

There are sixty-one national food days this year, according to soyum.com . That’s where I read about National Iced Tea day before I saw Carla Hall’s segment about it on the June 8th edition of The Chew.

We’re losing The Chew! I’m so sad. I love those guys and that lady.

Back to iced tea. Carla Hall made a ginger, lime, and mint iced tea, which Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon said was awesome. I decided to see if I shared their enthusiasm. I was skeptical of that flavor combination. Here’s how it looks:

Iced Tea Lime Powder Pic
Photo Credit: Gina Briganti

It looked normal and it tasted…interesting. Different. Not unpleasant. Definitely not bland. My ginger-lime (Thrive Life Limeade)-mint iced tea experience was one of those voyages into unknown flavor combinations that can lead to eureka moments. This one didn’t, for me. It was definitely refreshing.

What is your favorite iced tea? We’ll be discussing iced tea, and all things Thrive Life food related, in our FB group, “Living The Thrive Life Super Group”. It’s an invitation-only group, so tell me if you want to join.

Living The Supergroup (3)

Do you use lime juice in your iced tea?



As always, thank you for thriving with me!