Reiki I Class in Dallas, TX 1-15-23! Early Registration Discount is $50!


You need to have had a 1-hour Reiki session, whether it was with Gina (me) or another Reiki Practitioner or Master Teacher.

You must have a book about Reiki which includes self-treatment hand positions. The book choice is up to you. I have a list of suggestions ready.

Have a conversation with me at least one week before class, if we don’t already know each other. You can schedule a free 20-minute Q&A with this link: If you don’t see a time that works for you, reach out and we’ll find one.

Included in your class tuition:

Q&A, attunement, meet your Reiki guide (guided meditation), snacks and lunch, self-treatment practice, and certification.

For the early registration discount, complete registration by the end of the day, Saturday, Dec. 3rd. A $50 deposit holds your space, and locks in the $300.00 price. Dec. 4th – Jan. 14th tuition is $350.00.

Pay the total early $300 tuition by Dec. 3rd and receive a free 30-minute Reiki session.

Total tuition is due by Jan.14th.

There are 2 seats remaining in this class.

Reiki I Class, Jan. 15th, 2023 in Dallas, Texas. early registration deposit.

If you are new to Gina or to Reiki, remember to schedule a free 20-minute Q&A with the link above. You will be contacted at the email you register with for next steps.


Reiki I Class, Jan. 15th, 2023 in Dallas, TX, early registration, paid in full, plus bonus.

If you register in full by the end of the day on Dec. 3rd, you receive a free 30-minute Reiki session.


I’m excited about this class! Can’t wait for you to have Reiki!


Journal Opportunity – Food As Ally

Graphic by Gina Briganti via Canva

Which breakfast choices give you natural energy to start the day?

As you answer, check in with each body.

What does your mental body need to get going in the morning?

What does your physical body need?

How about the emotional?

The spiritual?

Observation is a big part of making food your ally. Gentle reminder: observation is not judgment. Focus on awareness. Let the insights come. Here’s an example of the difference: if you’re thinking, “I should get a juicer,” that’s most likely judgment. If you’re focusing on allowing your bodies to speak to you, a juicer could gently pop into your mind, or one of your bodies could call out for fresh juice.

It takes practice, but with practice, you will gain perspective that reshapes your world.

Peace and love,



Graphic by Gina Briganti

There’s plenty of emphasis on the weekly Reiki Food As Ally Group Support Zoom meetings and the Food As Ally in-person weekly group support meetings in Dallas, which raises the question of whether I still offer Reiki sessions and classes. I offer them as well as workshops on techniques in the Reiki III (ART) Manual.

Thank you to those who asked the questions. I’m glad you know I’m still here for you regarding Reiki, pet Reiki, and Reiki Food As Ally.

Peace and love,