A New Fast, Easy, Satisfying Breakfast

My newest quick and easy breakfast. Non-dairy yogurt, a piece of cheese, and two tangerines. The tangerines smell and taste envigorating. A dash of Reiki, too, naturally. This breakfast keeps me going until lunch.

What’s your fast, easy, satisfying breakfast?

P.S. We have space in our Thursday and Friday night weekly group support meetings. Come get your empowered relationship with food!

Details: https://thereikicafe.com/2022/02/11/food-as-ally-group-support-call-schedule/

See you there!


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Food as Ally Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day

Does your mom wish she had an empowered relationship with food? Weekly group support meetings are available in person (Entelechea Center, Richardarsdon, TX) and on Zoom to help her get there. Food As Ally is a program* dedicated to making food our ally again through reclaiming our food choices, listening to hunger cues, and listening to fullness cues. Gift certificates are emailed to the address used to make the purchase. Meetings are $20 each. Purchase 5 meetings and mom receives a free 30-minute private meeting with Gina. *Copyright 2023, Gina Briganti


Peace and love,


Gratitude Journal Opportunity for Your Food As Ally Step 1

Graphic by Gina Briganti

To know where you are, where you’ve been, and where you intend to go in your relationship with food, a journal is recommended in step 1 of the program.

We have a history with food, personally and collectively. Today I’m asking you to appreciate the good times, the wins that brought you to where you are today.

Not knowing where our relationship with food is going and at the same time intending that it is going to be good is how we can love the mystery. At the same time, you recognize your fears surrounding your future, release them, and gain insight. Remember to be gentle with yourself, to observe, then let go. Don’t put yourself on trial and convict yourself.

Remember to put a date on what you write, collage, or record so you can look back. There’s lots of fun and insight later on.


Gina Briganti

Certified Nutrition Consultant, founder of the Food As Ally program.

In-person group support meetings are every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:00 CDT in Dallas, Texas and Reiki Food As Ally group support meetings are every Friday evening on Zoom from 7:00-8:00 CDT.

Registration and information: http://www.foodasally.com

Listening to Ourselves

Graphic by Gina Briganti

What does your brain want to eat? Your body? How about your emotions? Is your spirit reaching for a particular summer vegetable or fruit?

Listening to ourselves about what we need on every level is essential to living in alignment and is a major focus of the Food As Ally program.

Next meeting is Friday evening and there’s still time to register. Can’t make it Friday? There’s an in-person meeting every Wednesday and a Zoom meeting every Friday.

Take your first or next step by joining our small group meeting.



Certified Nutrition Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher

Food As Ally Breakfast Update

Eggs, toasted gluten-free bread (or waffle, English muffin, or bagel), and tea turned out to be the perfect combination, I experimented with my favorite smoothie or hot cereal, but neither of them were filling enough. What would you do if you were on the phone with a customer service agent and you heard their stomach growl? Loud. Those customers were either polite or it wasn’t as obvious as I thought.

What’s interesting is that peanut butter and crackers are mainly protein and gluten-free grain…so are eggs and gluten-free toast. Pumpkin Rooibos tea from November is different because I drink iced nettle tea this time of year as nettle helps with my seasonal allergies. Most interesting to me is that I don’t need as many supplements as I used to.

Most important of all is I enjoy making and eating this meal and it keeps me full until I can relax with a smoothie (my breakfast of choice for years is now lunch every other day), or whatever my body asks for in the afternoon.

Journalling is part of the program because of insights like this – realizing that when I started checking in with my body about what I need, protein and carbs took the lead and there is healing happening as a result.

Do you have a Food As Ally breakfast picture to share?


Food As Ally group support meetings are every Wednesday evening in Dallas, TX and Reiki Food As Ally (Zoom) Meetings are every Friday evening. Visit www.foodasally.com for registration and details.

What I Did and What I Did About It

Graphic credit: Gina Briganti

What I did that led me to create Food As Ally was…

I turned clean eating into a cross between dieting and food snobbery.

What I learned is…

My body tells me when it wants salad and that I can trust my taste hunger or emotional hunger when it is asking for cookies because I know that my body will tell me when enough is enough.

You can, too.

Wishing you a smooth day,


Food as Ally Weekly Group Support Meeting Schedule

Food as Ally Weekly Group Support Meetings are currently Thursday evenings at Entelechea (Richardson, TX), and Friday evenings on Zoom. Join us by registering below for the meeting you want to attend. There is a bonus pack if you purchase 5 meetings – a free 30-minute private Food as Ally session with Gina ($50 value).

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Gina Briganti, BASc, D.H.N, RMT,
Developer of the Food as Ally program

How we empower our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual relationships with food is by:

Reclaiming food choices

Listening to hunger and fullness cues

Reiki from Gina during meetings

Being in a supportive community led by an experienced professional who developed the program after 17 years as a Wellness Consultant.

Shifting away from emotional eating and food obsession.

Food as Ally Weekly Group Support Meeting for Thursday, June 1st, 2023, 6:30-7:30 p.m., CST.

Entelechea Center 1201 International Parkway, Suite 200 Richardson, TX 75081 Flex Room Registration closes the Wednesday before the meeting. 0 of 3 have registered for this meeting. Scroll down to the bonus package if you’d like to a free 30-minute private session. Your gift when you pre-pay for five meetings.


Food as Ally Group Zoom Support Meeting June 2nd, 2023, from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. CST*

You will be emailed the Zoom link and a PDF copy of the Food as Ally program overview and steps materials for where you are in the program before the meeting. Registration closes the Thursday before the meeting. *Not available in all areas due to nutrition laws in different states. Please check with Gina before registering by email foodasally at gmail dot com. 0 of 3 have registered for this meeting. Scroll down to the bonus package if you’d like to receive a free 30-minute private session. Your gift when you pre-pay for five meetings.


Food as Ally Weekly Group Support Meetings Bonus Package

Pre-pay for 5 meetings and receive a 30-minute private Food As Ally session with Gina. ($50 value). You can mix and match in-person and Zoom meetings if you are in Texas or any state where nutrition laws allow individual nutrition counseling.


Private Food as Ally video, phone, and in-person sessions are also available. Click here for more information.

New clients, schedule your free 20-minute Q&A video or phone call here.

Questions? Feel free to ask here or contact Gina through foodasally at gmail dot com.