My cauliflower and chickpea heaven…

Want. Gimme. Yum.


This is one of my all time favourite dishes of mine, the flavours are phenomenal and the textures are perfect, the crunchy bits on the cauliflower, and the sticky cloves of garlic and the pop of the chickpeas…I can wax lyrical about this one for hours….!

The marinade/sauce is sharp and spicy. If you need to take the edge of the sourness, or to add some sweet stickiness, add a spoonful or two of honey to the mix.

I love it freshly cooked, cold the next day, reheated, or whizzed up into a dip if there’s any left (it’s a rarity!). If you try it, I hope you love it too…


1 whole head of a medium cauliflower

1 can/jar chickpeas, drained

3-5 lemons, squeezed for the juice

16 cloves garlic, peeled

150ml olive oil

3 tsp mayonnaise/natural yoghurt

1 tsp Harissa paste/spice mix

1 tbsp tomato purée


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Happy Surprises

Photo credit: Gina Briganti

The plan to watch holiday movies and write cards has changed because there are new episodes of #greysanatomy, #wheeloftime, and #theexpanse. These cards are going to be interesting, don’t you think?


Permission Slips for Unforgettable Holidays

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I lived there for a decade but I think of it as home.

fit the battle of Jericho,

and the walls,

came tumbling down.

These tumbled boulders,

are in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Despite Southern California’s endless severe drought,

the Joshua Tree’s are still surviving, although under threat.

The desert desperately needs water.

Only the rocks are unperturbed.

Cheers to you from elegantly jumbled Joshua Tree National Park~

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Mark Bitterman’s Chicken Piccata with Lemon Flake Salt

This is looking tasty!

I loved this version of chicken piccata probably due to the wonderful lemon flake salt. Also, there was no wine and less butter which I didn’t miss; so not as rich. Combined with the salty capers and fresh lemon this recipe was just delightful.

I have two more recipes:

Chicken Picatta Two Ways (Includes a Weight Watcher’s recipe)

According to Chef Tim Creehan, former executive chef and founding partner of Marina Cafe in Destin, Florida you can make your pasta up to 8 hours before serving. Cook the pasta to package directions, place in cold water or rinse to stop the cooking, drain well. Toss with 1 tbsp. (more or less) canola oil and chill in a freezer bag. This is called resistance starch when pasta is cooked ahead of time, chilled and reheated. The carbs are slower to metabolize which means good things for your blood sugar.


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#Pet #Reiki Shoutout

I love my dog, cat, and horse clients. Here’s a shoutout to them. A scratch behind the ears and a Reiki hug, too.

What do your pets do during their Reiki sessions? I love pet Reiki stories.


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