Low-carb Roasted Vegetable Snack Mix!

Would you like to grab handfuls of an addictive, savory, mouth watering snack that’s good for you? My answer is yes, and that’s why I played with my vegetables and came up with this delicious snack mix.


It started with a tomato and basil mini cheese ball recipe I made for a party. I didn’t want to put raw tomatoes in them, so I roasted some of my Thrive Life tomato dices by adding a hint of coconut oil, pink salt and Chef’s Choice seasoning. The tomatoes were luscious and my mini cheese balls were a hit.

Requests for low-carb recipes have been coming in lately, which has me looking at labels for new information. It turns out that tomatoes, zucchini and asparagus are all low in carbohydrate. I added them together, tossed them with a drizzle of coconut oil, some pink salt, Chef’s Choice and a bit of garlic powder. Roasting takes about twenty minutes and then…


Oh. My. Yum!


The tomatoes take on incredible umami. The zucchini, crunchy sweetness. The asparagus, crunchy green goodness.

I’m bringing my low-carb roasted vegetable snack mix to Fiesta Friday this week to share with Angie, the many talented cooks there and our host Sandhya@indfused.com

I’m drooling just thinking about eating this so now I have to make more. There’s no way to keep them in the house except to make more. My guests and I have a good case of Snack Mix Fever!

Here’s how you can catch it, too.


1 cup Thrive Life tomato dices

1 cup Thrive Life asparagus

1 cup Thrive Life zucchini

1 tbsp. coconut oil, melted

1 tsp. Himalayan pink salt

1 tsp. Thrive Life Chef’s Choice

1 tsp. garlic powder


Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gently mix the vegetables together, right out of the can. Do not refresh them. Add seasonings. Stir in the coconut oil and then gently mix to coat the seasonings and oil over all of the vegetables.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread the vegetable mixture on the sheet and then roast them for fifteen to twenty minutes, stirring vegetables every five minutes for even roasting.

Allow the roasted vegetables to cool completely before storing them in an airtight container. I think they will keep for a week, but I’ve never been able to keep them around for more than a day or two, so I’m not exactly sure about that one.

You know, I think they would make good croutons in my salad. Hmm.



Thank you for thriving with me!



Thrive Life Independent Consultant


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The December TLC Pack From The Reiki Cafe


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December TLC

The Reiki Cafe would like to share our seasonal favorites and monthly specials with you, in the form of a free sample pack. E-mail thereikicafe@gmail.com with the details and a a sample pack will be sent to you, and to anyone you would like to share them with. Everything is easy and delicious with Thrive Life.

Any of these foods can be eaten as is, or used as a fresh ingredient by adding a small of water a time to refresh. Okay, maybe not the pretzels, but the havarti can be refreshed if you want to. Most people like it crunchy.

Are you local to Dallas, Texas? If you are, then we are neighbors! Let’s meet and I will give your TLC pack to you in person.


The more Thrive Life food I eat, the better I feel.


I love Thrive Life foods, and after a taste you will know exactly why I do! They are packed with nutrition you can taste and feel.



Thank you for sharing TLC!



We Haz Shredded Beef & We Built a School in Muungano, Africa! July Thrive Life News & Specials

I’m going to make my next batch of Sweet & Spicy Tacos with our new shredded beef. I use our sweet corn, chopped onions, green chiles, Chef’s Choice, salt and cumin in the recipe. I have to make them at least once a week. They’re that delicious. They create cravings.

Thrive Life teased us for a week, telling us we had a new product coming out today for Qs and consultants. The only clues were that it was going to make dinner time even easier and that tasters said it was the best Thrive Life protein we make.



It does look tasty!

Perfectly shredded, tender, and ready for dinner in just five minutes! Many are saying it’s our best tasting, easiest-to-use meat yet! Mix into soup, fold into tacos or bake into a casserole. Available to Consultants and Q Club members today! Available for all other customers July 10th.

Don’t wait until the 10th! Start your Q today!

Q Club

5% of all sales profits go to our Thriving Nations projects!

unnamed (1)

Join us for an immersive African experience during this year’s service project in Davis, Utah! Start by drumming your heart out at our very first African drum circle, then get your craft on in the service project room making educational tools for our newly built school in Muungano! Finish off the day by bidding on art work made by the children in Muungano, and don’t forget to donate some school supplies! All donations and proceeds from the auction will go back to the village.


Thrive Life impresses me every day! Join the Thrive Tribe and start your own Thrive Life business. I’m getting paid to eat. Are you? Read the Details here.

This month you get extra perks!


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Host A Party
You can host a party from anywhere in the U.S. I will send all that you need to have a successful, fun party. You automatically get a party link on my website where your guests can learn about our food, and where you receive credit if they place an order. You can choose from an online video party, a Facebook party or an Instagram party as well.
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         Questions? Please ask. 
My new phone number is 530-209-8291. Or you can reply to this e-mail.

No questions? Feel free to place orders directly through the Website


Look at what’s on sale!

Shredded mozzarella, bananas, butternut squash, pineapple, apricots, strawberries, potatoes, diced beef, chopped chicken and asparagus. Get all 10 for only $135.79 plus shipping.


The more Thrive Life food I eat, the better I feel. How good will you feel?


As always, thank you for thriving with me!





THRIVE Life Foods – You Can Applaud and Chew at the Same Time

Months ago our good friend Diane Novack started posting about THRIVE Life foods. Gina’s curiosity grew when her posts kept coming. Gina was busy ending her position at the store and starting to teach regular classes on the weekend when she had the brilliant idea to offer food through our new company, The Reiki Cafe. Our search began for non-perishable foods we could offer to nutrition and Reiki clients. And there were Diane’s posts about how delicious THRIVE Life is. How convenient THRIVE Life is. How healthy THRIVE Life is.

We asked questions about GMOs, pesticides, processing, hormones, food coloring, enzymes, and additives; Diane had all the right answers.

No GMO’s

No presticides

Home delivery



No waste because we can make what we need and save the rest for later

No hormones

Active enzymes

Superior nutrition from field ripened foods that are freeze dried 2-4 hours after picking. Not 21 days later as it is with gassed bananas, for example

Thriving Nations – THRIVE donates to ending hunger with every sale

Active cultures in the yogurt

All of that sounded great, but how did it taste? And was it expensive?


Gina’s New Favorite Snack – $8.49 for 15 servings

Diane offered to come over to Gina’s for a tasting. Cyhndi’s mom was already a customer, and Cyhndi said everything she tried was great. Gina and Cyhndi agreed that if the food tasted good, it would have a home at The Reiki Cafe. The Corn is incredible. It satisfies cravings between lunch and dinner, and Gina is still pinching herself (not hard, don’t worry), because she found another way to add vegetables to her day. You can eat it out of the can, or reconstitute it. One ingredient on the label: corn.

pineapple-chunks 14.79 for 15 servings

When you come for a meditation, session, or class at The Reiki Cafe, you will probably be offered pineapple-infused water. It is incredibly refreshing and delicious. Plus, there are active digestive enzymes in the water. Yum!


Gina’s other favorite snack is Strawberry Yogurt Bites. $16.09 for 15 servings.

Where was this food when the kids were going to school? It travels well, it tastes great, and it keeps them from eating the junk.

Gina is a THRIVE Life consultant, so please feel free to ask about ordering, hosting parties for free THRIVE Life foods from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, and about starting your own THRIVE Life business.

So, what do you think of THRIVE?

As always, thank you for the time you spend with us!

Gina and Cyhndi


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