Welcome to The Reiki Cafe!

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I had my first Reiki session in 2006 and took my Level I and II that year. At the end of 2006 my teacher asked if I was ready to teach. It was one of the most ecstatic moments of my life! I told her I was ready. Early in 2007 I studied Level IV. I am honored to share my knowledge with you.

Reiki retreats are forming in north Texas. All of the food for the retreat is made by yours truly, a holistic health consultant with a passion for food. If you’re interested in taking your next Reiki class in a retreat setting, e-mail me and you will be added to the list and informed when the next retreat is announced.

Check the current class schedule for a list of workshops. You can schedule one-on-one or for a group.

You can reach me via e-mail: thereikicafe@gmail.com for private discussions. Otherwise, please contact me via The Reiki Cafe’s FB page, Twitter @thereikicafe, Instagram @thereikicafe, and YouTube.

Are you looking for my mystical fantasy romance website? It’s www.ginabriganti.com

Thank you!

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