Improve Your Mental Health With Plants That Have Purpose



By Emma Di Salvo

It’s hard to believe that a simple plant can actually improve your mental health. Yet throughout history, people have experimented and, in some cases, relied upon the special properties they have to offer—myself included. Why get excited about a pretty bouquet of flowers when you can grow something at home that could improve your quality of life?

My mother has always advocated for using what nature gives us. As a rather anxious child, I would often be given flowers from the garden to help me relax, reground and improve my mood. The plants’ intensity intrigued me, something I didn’t experience with essential oils. I later learned that the flower will almost always be more potent than the oil because they haven’t been through the distillation process.

So, if you thoughtfully select plants, knowing a little about what each can be used for, you potentially end…

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