Five Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Have Anxiety


By Do Tien Dung

If you ever had these symptoms: feeling nervous, restless or tense along with an increase in heart rate, breathing rapidly, sweating, feeling weak or tired, there are high chances that you are facing anxiety disorders. If you ever googled “Anxiety attack symptoms” or “How to treat or stop anxiety”, this is the article for you. Here I recommend five Instagram accounts you should follow if you have anxiety.

But first, let’s find out what anxiety is. tells us there are two usual types of anxiousness. The first is one most of us experience when we face stressful situations, like going to the dentist, making a presentation, or speaking in public. The other kind involves intense feelings that suddenly pop up for no reason, lasting a long time. This might indicate that you need to take a serious look at things.

If you’re struggling with…

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