Jamaican Seasoned Tilapia and Greek-Style Lemon Potatoes


Tilapia is a very mild fish and easily adapts to all kinds of spices and flavors. It is readily available and a very affordable fish that doesn’t taste fishy. A light entree that’s healthy too especially needed during the holiday season. This seasoning would be delicious on any mild flavored fish. I don’t buy seasoning rubs very often but I really liked this one as it can be used in so many ways where you want “a little kick.”

There is some controvery over farming practices of tilapia – all I can say is know your fishmonger and buy from a reputable source.

I frequently associate lemon with fish so I thought a lemon flavored potato would be a good side. The fish recipe, slightly adapted, comes from fellow blogger Gail at https://snapshotsincursive.com/2022/10/07/jamaican-seasoned-fish/

I also drew inspiration from Gail’s Greek potato side dish but combined a few recipes to make…

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