Fattoush – A Mediterranean Salad

Tasty and healthy!


I recently learned that many cookbooks on Mediterranean cuisine have a recipe for Fattoush salad – I didn’t know it was so popular. It is a Levantine salad made from toasted (which I prefer) or fried pieces of Arabic flatbread which includes pita bread. In one of my cookbooks (Dada Eats Love to Cook It: 100 Plant Based Recipes for Everyone at Your Table) she made sourdough croutons replacing the traditional pita chips. I liked these a lot maybe because they were spiced with za’atar. She also added pomegranate arials which noone else did – I enjoyed them.

I enjoy a tasty and healthy salad…

Fattoush is composed of mixed greens, or maybe just romaine lettuce; veggies such as tomatoes, wedges or cherry, cucumbers (Persian or English), radishes, green onions or red onions. Two fresh herbs are usually a part of this refreshing salad; parsley, mint and occasionally fresh thyme…

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