A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your Libido

The Wellness Consultant in me is thrilled to share important information about true sexuality.


By Brazen Edwards

Sexual desire in women naturally fluctuates over the years. We sometimes go through high and low periods of passion at the beginning or end of a relationship or when we experience significant life changes like menopause or other health issues.

Our sexual pleasure is impacted by our psychological and physiological well-being. Societal pressures and expectations, and unfortunately, we still don’t have a great understanding of female sexual anatomy or the female orgasm.

When people think of sex, they often think of orgasm as the ultimate way to achieve pleasure. However, adequate research or information about the female orgasm is still insufficient. The end result is not always the best determination of success.

Enhancing Your Libido

Although we can generally define the different ways people tend to achieve a good sex life, there is no common ground as to what a healthy libido looks like, and there is…

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