Free Will and Levels of Self

One of my favorite authors is a deep-thinking mystic.

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2022-02-27 Cynthia

When you decide to do something, who does the deciding? When you see through your eyes, who does the looking?
Perhaps the most essential aspect of life is awareness of who we are–yet it is typically also the least examined.  While we speak in language that implies we presume to know that we have causal agency, and free will, the specifics of how this operates is seldom discussed or described.
I received a fascinating email question this past month:
In November 2019, I was preparing myself to travel to London on December 2019.   During November, I was looking at some YouTube videos and one video came up randomly.  The video is about stochastic processes.  They lecturer won the Fields medal few years back.   I very much enjoyed the theory, it is still simmering in my head to this day trying to connect it to other multiple theories:)  When I got…

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