Mark Bitterman’s Chicken Piccata with Lemon Flake Salt

This is looking tasty!

I loved this version of chicken piccata probably due to the wonderful lemon flake salt. Also, there was no wine and less butter which I didn’t miss; so not as rich. Combined with the salty capers and fresh lemon this recipe was just delightful.

I have two more recipes:

Chicken Picatta Two Ways (Includes a Weight Watcher’s recipe)

According to Chef Tim Creehan, former executive chef and founding partner of Marina Cafe in Destin, Florida you can make your pasta up to 8 hours before serving. Cook the pasta to package directions, place in cold water or rinse to stop the cooking, drain well. Toss with 1 tbsp. (more or less) canola oil and chill in a freezer bag. This is called resistance starch when pasta is cooked ahead of time, chilled and reheated. The carbs are slower to metabolize which means good things for your blood sugar.


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