Ruvi Drink Taste Test + Review

By Gina Briganti, Certified Nutrition Consultant since 2005

Ruvi is a brand of drink powders that are sold in variety packs or individual flavoers. Your first order comes with a mixing cup and blender ball, which work well and look good.

*This review is not sponsored. I purchased all of the products and these opinions are my own. Price per serving is between $3.00 and $5.00, depending on how much you buy in your order. Price variables include free shipping, sales, and various mutli-pack offerings.

I am always impressed by a convenience product that doesn’t contain anything except the fruits and vegetables I’m looking for, which Ruvi does.

Ruvi comes in four flavors. I’ll review each one separately.


Tangy! I made mine into a smoothie with blueberries, protein powder, and unsweetened almond milk. If I wanted it sweeter, I would have started with a banana instead of blueberries. It may not really need the extra fruit, so when I try my next flavor, I will use just the plant milk, protein powder, and Ruvi packet.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Tasty. I’m starting to think of these as chakra food because the packets are colored red, orange, green, and purple. This powder didn’t blend as well as Active; I had to work it loose from the sides of the blender cup. I love getting these ingredients in one place, which is what I think the value of Ruvi is. I mixed it with protein powder and flax milk and the result is tasty. It’s sweet and good enough on its own to eat the powdery clumps off of the spoon.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Focus has a great ingredient list and tastes better mixed with water, using the blender ball and Ruvi bottle that came with the sample pack. When I tried to mix Focus with flax milk and hemp protein powder, I had to put muscle into it to get it to mix. I can deal with that, but in the end the smoothie didn’t have any flavor or scent at all. If I’m travelling with the sample pack, I would drink this flavor again.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Clean tastes green, which I like. The blend carefully uses the strongest tasting greens, spinach and kale, last, making the mix sweet and enjoyable. I liked it as a smoothie, blended with Good Karma flax milk and Nutiva Hemp Protein.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The reason these powders aren’t going all the way to four or five stars is based completely on flavor. All of the blends taste good, which is what my 3- star rating means. I like them. The extra half star means I liked them more, but didn’t move into the 4-star rating of I really like it.

In conclusion, I plan to keep a couple of boxes of the Ruvi sample pack on hand for days when I:

Want an extra juice boost

Am out of breakfast smoothie ingredients

Am travelling

Emergencies when fresh vegetables and fruits are harder to find

Is the cost worth it? For me, yes. I’ve been moving away from supplements and more into whole food nutrition (again) now that my allergies have recovered from moving to Dallas. Living in the southern California desert for ten years didn’t prepare me for everything that blooms here. Now that my body is catching up, I’m taking fewer supplements.

Ruvi is a convenience. I won’t need to purchase 8 different fruits and vegetables, bring them home, clean them, use them, or preserve them. I already trust the quality behind Thrive Life products because I was one of their independent consultants and have been to the production plant. They care about what’s in these pouches.

If you’d like to try Ruvi, you can order directly from my consultant, Diane Novack.

What about you? Have you tried Ruvi?

Thank you for the time we spend together!


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