Question Of The Week: What Insights Have You Gained From Wearing A Mask?

  1. I am slowly getting used to them, including having one in my bag at all times.
  2. They fog up my glasses.
  3. They remind me of playing dress up.
  4. I notice people’s eyes more than before.
  5. They’re not overly warn in the hotter weather.
  6. People are very creative with them.
  7. Buying masks that a neighbor made helped them at a time when they couldn’t earn money in their regular job.
  8. My glasses fog up.
  9. Lipstick will wait until after we’re done with masks.
  10. I think masks in small spaces with strangers are respectful.
  11. You can tell if a person is smiling behind the mask.

How about you?

Thank you for the time we spent together today,


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