Reiki For Families, Groups, & Couples

We are all in this together. Some of us are working from home while homeschooling our kids and trying to keep it all going while we honestly don’t know what tomorrow will bring. What we know for sure is that Reiki can help us relax. But where are we supposed to go to have that relaxing alone time? Nowhere. Everyone is home. And they need to chill out, too. I have a solution.


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Reiki For The Whole Household – Group Reiki

Do you and everyone in your household need to relax together? I've got the perfect way for you to do that: A group Reiki session. We'll get together on a Zoom call, where I help balance energies and release stress between you and everyone in your household. The price quoted here is for 3 receivers. The session is 80 minutes long. If you have more than three people in your home, contact me for pricing and scheduling.



Reiki For Couples

Couples Reiki Session – 70 Minutes

You and your love share so much, so how about sharing a relaxing Reiki session? This session is designed to bring you closer, clear away energies that neither of you need, and bring an overall glow to both of you at the same time.



Level II, III, or IV students who would like train in this technique, click here for information.


Session times are always limited, so book as soon as you can.


I appreciate the time we spend together,


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