Healthy Emotional Connections With Diane Novack – Saturday Spotlight

Saturday Spotlight

As a dealer of hope, love and peace my job is to spread joy, happiness and be the light to others. I do this in many ways, the underlying energy and intent is to be the light many are searching for; light the path to joy and happiness; to shine in love and peace so there is hope in all situations.

I practice Reiki daily, sending healing in various ways like connecting through FB, texts, phone calls, and now Zoom is a daily stop for me.

Then I found Send Out Cards* to stay connected…which is so important in isolation.  All of us are living a different normal and don’t know how long we will be separated from family and friends. We are feeling a sense of loss and fear. People like me are working to raise the vibration of as many as we can, therefore raising the vibration of the world. There is hope. There is love flowing. Peace of mind is a choice. My desire is that I help one person who helps another who helps another to have hope, feel and give love, and feel peaceful.

With Send Out Cards I design a card online, in the process infuse it with Reiki, input my friend’s address, press send. The card is printed exactly how I like, with my friend’s special pictures, sayings that are meaningful to us, even games for the grandsons like mazes, word searches and crosswords. The card is sent directly to my friend, family member, or business associate without me going to the store, buying stamps and remembering to put it in the mail. I can act on my kindness promptings with just a couple clicks and spend less, too!

I heard someone say life is like an EKG; there are peaks and valleys and that is good. When the line on the monitor is straight and calm, this life is over, we move on. Especially during the low times; I remind myself…This is life – ups and downs are what keeps me in this game.

I have always been an intuitive and empathic healer; although I didn’t know what that was for much of my life. It wasn’t until I started to realize my gifts, receiving a Reiki Attunement in 2009, that my life began to shift and I became more aware of my purpose in this life. BTW, I was a Grandma at the time so be patient, do the good things and clarity will come to you.

In the Fall of 2019 it was becoming apparent that I needed to get back to my calling, start practicing Reiki more; life had changed and I let Reiki sit on the side lines for a while. I wondered what my next big step would be. There were no big A-Ha moments until 2020…historic 2020. In February my husband had a heart attack. There was no warning, he seemed healthy and active; he was playing softball at the time. Thankfully he received exceptional treatment quickly and is now doing well, pleasantly surprising the doctors. We had already started to hear about Covid-19 but it seemed “over there.” It would be contained and not reach us so far away. We now know there are no borders and here we are in the midst of a pandemic. We are living in a new world. Life will be different as we live whatever life has become.

People who adjust, seek kindness and spread that shit around will be able to move forward quickest and easiest. We all will suffer loss in some way…some more than others and that is a sadness we share. There is hope. If we practice our gifts, share hope, Love and peace, the world will be a better place.

Hope, Love, Light and Peace to you all.


About Diane Novack

Diane is a southern girl transplanted to So Cal where she met her husband and married 50+ years ago. They have four grown  children and 8 grandSONS.- yes, all boys.

As a grandson recently pointed out, Diane isn’t the kind of Gramma that bakes cookies and makes special food for them. Usually she has the boys cook (with supervision of course) when they visit. Skill building is a main goal for her.

Diane spent years in the corporate world when her children were younger. As teen years came, she spent more and more time volunteering at schools, eventually leaving corporate America. She has always wanted to be a business owner and has been involved with Direct Sales off and on for 20+ years.

Currently as the leader of the So Cal Chapter of SEVEN Networking, she invites all business owners and those who want to meet new people to get their message out to come take a look.

Her favorite quote and life philosophy is from Rumi….. “ Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there….”

Diane’s Life Work is that of an Empathic Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Light Worker. She talks to trees, rocks and bees; and people too.

Connect With Diane

www.d.novack848 at (formatted to keep the bots away.)

*This post contains an affiliate link.


2 thoughts on “Healthy Emotional Connections With Diane Novack – Saturday Spotlight

  1. I am honored to be Spotlighted by the Reiki Cafe. Thank you for reading, and commenting if you feel lead. I hope to get to know many of you who enjoy the Reiki Cafe too.

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