Reblog: Pumpkin Spiced Breakfast Cookies — Katie’s Bright Kitchen

I experimented mightily to bring you this tasty pumpkin breakfast treat! Pumpkin is hard to work with in a BLE baking context, because it has no natural sweetness, and without the usual heaps of sweetener, unsweetened pumpkin honestly doesn’t taste very good. But fortunately for you, I’m a BLE wizard. Well, maybe not, since technically…

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Grandparent’s Day 2019

What fuels your spirit? Reblogged from my author website.

Today I took a few hours away from my careers to spend time with one of my inspirations, my preschool-age granddaughter. The occasion? Grandparent’s Day at school.

When her mom and uncle were in school I went to as many events as I could. It always felt like I didn’t make it to as many as I wanted to despite the fact that I was working and studying for the credentials that follow my name today.

Now it’s my granddaughter’s turn and there isn’t much that would keep me away from fun in the classroom and crafts with her. We both felt special when we walked down the hall to the conference room.

This is the what she made for me in honor of Grandparents Day. It’s on the refrigerator until it gets replaced there and goes into my scrapbook journal where it will stay forever as one of our…

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Trader Joe’s Simply Almond Beverage Review

Reblogged from my author website, because this almond milk is not to be missed if you can try it.

Videos are on hold while I put extra time into a project I hope will delight my newsletter subscribers, but I still have fun news to share with my foodie friends this week.

Trader Joe’s released a new almond beverage!

Simply Almond Beverage reminds me of the first time I had almond “milk” at a festival. Thick enough without additives of any type, creamy, the taste of almonds dancing across my tongue, with a natural sweetness, all these qualities make this a winner. There was one surprise from this beverage; the soft almond pulp floating in it. It adds a creamy texture that I found addicting. I drank a whole cup the first time I tried it.

I’m adding this to my essentials shopping list at Trader Joe’s and it is replacing the Trader Joe’s unsweetened vanilla almond beverage. Simply Almond Beverage is a bit pricier than the one with…

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