Product Review – Hskyhan Pitcher Water Filter

Here’s the answer to one of the most common questions I am asked – what water do I drink. Here’s the super easy answer – I use this pitcher filtration system.

Like many Amazon shoppers I looked on Amazon and chose a system with good reviews and a price that matched up with what I thought was reasonable. Lucky for me, the pitcher turned out to be a winner. On the first try!

It’s so awesome I gave one to my daughter for her place and she loves it, too.

The features I like best about this pitcher are the most important to me: the water tastes clean and the filter is easy to use. I change it once and month since it’s mostly just for me and Lucy. My next favorite feature is how fast it filters. Bonus, it looks good enough to sit on the counter or the table.

Here is my amazon affiliate link for the pitcher, which comes with two filters.

Here’s my amazon affiliate link for a two-pack of replacement filters.

Drinking a minimum of 50 ounces of water daily is important for my health.

Do you drink enough water?


As always, thank you for the time you spend with me!



P.S. You know what else helps with living a balanced life? This book!

K.I.S. Cover for KindleContains amazon affiliate link

June 10th is National Iced Tea Day

There are sixty-one national food days this year, according to¬†. That’s where I read about National Iced Tea day before I saw Carla Hall’s segment about it on the June 8th edition of The Chew.

We’re losing The Chew! I’m so sad. I love those guys and that lady.

Back to iced tea. Carla Hall made a ginger, lime, and mint iced tea, which Clinton Kelly and Michael Symon said was awesome. I decided to see if I shared their enthusiasm. I was skeptical of that flavor combination. Here’s how it looks:

Iced Tea Lime Powder Pic
Photo Credit: Gina Briganti

It looked normal and it tasted…interesting. Different. Not unpleasant. Definitely not bland. My ginger-lime (Thrive Life Limeade)-mint iced tea experience was one of those voyages into unknown flavor combinations that can lead to eureka moments. This one didn’t, for me. It was definitely refreshing.

What is your favorite iced tea? We’ll be discussing iced tea, and all things Thrive Life food related, in our FB group, “Living The Thrive Life Super Group”. It’s an invitation-only group, so tell me if you want to join.

Living The Supergroup (3)

Do you use lime juice in your iced tea?



As always, thank you for thriving with me!




I’m Going on a Picnic and I’m Bringing…

Thrive Life foods from the June specials!


Because the more Thrive Life food I eat, the better I feel!


Place orders directly through the Website.

If you have questions, please send an email to


What I ordered: green beans, bananas (a case, because I use them every morning in my protein smoothie), scrambled egg mix, and classic lemonade.

Our green beans are a favorite snack here with the toddler and my daughter, right out of the can. Me? I love to simmer them with onions, Chef’s Choice, and garlic. Top off with Earth Balance and serve it with a baked tempeh¬†or our Thrive Life Pulled Pork.

I don’t buy eggs at the grocery, because I have to make a conscious effort to eat them before they spoil. The scrambled egg mix is great for a quick meal, especially when I load them with Thrive Life veggies.

Classic Lemonade is back, and not a moment too soon! It’s seasonal, so if you don’t order enough you’re without it until it comes back next summer. I use the lemon powder every day to make lemon water by shaking a few granules into my water glass. This is my travel companion. It’s so much easier to carry than a lemon. (snort), plus it’s certified gluten-free and non-gmo.


No questionable lemon wedges in a restaurant for me!


If you’re a fan of our Cookies & Cream ice cream bites, it’s time to host a party!


Thrive Life groceries are delivered to your door and are ready to make a quick meal you’ll feel great about, before, during, and after.

Cross these off of your to-do list when you order Thrive Life groceries:

Trip to the grocery in triple digit heat.

Chopping ingredients for dinner.

Cooking meat.

Throwing away spoiled ingredients.

Waiting in line for your fast food meal.

Paying way too much for a fast food meal.

Feeling not so good after a fast food meal.


Free Shipping!

Sign up for delivery service and orders over $100 in freeze-dried items are shipped to you, free. No commitment. No membership fee. You choose what you want, and when. We have starter packs ready to go.


Have a Party!

That means telling your family and friends why you love Thrive Life. Facebook parties are a good way to do that, or e-mail your custom party link to them.

If they place an order, you get credits toward free and/or half-off groceries. This month you can get an extra perk – Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bites for party sales over $300.00.


Can You Do What I Do?

Yes! There is room in the Thrive Tribe for more consultants. Earn commission, free and discount food, and fantasy getaways.

consultant perks

Start by checking out our Career Plan, then get in touch with me to get you started! I started with Thrive Life because I love the food. Now I love the food, my team, my perks and that my commissions keep coming! There is room to grow as much as I want to with Thrive Life. What are your dreams?


As always, thank you for thriving with me!



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