Thrive Life Flash Sale – Today Only!

Seasoned Chicken Slices - Freeze Dried

I highly recommend the broccoli for its versatility. Eat it crunchy from the can for the biggest raw alkaline impact, powder it and add it to a meal, roast it with garlic or cook it in your favorite foods. All the reasons broccoli is revered as a beneficial part of a healthy eating plan are amplified by Thrive Life’s Nutri-lock twenty-one step process, designed to keep all the nutrients in and convenient for when you want broccoli.

My love for the sausage crumbles is whole and unabashed because I can grab a handful, or put 1/4 cup of them into a recipe, and then leave the rest in the can for another time. Try doing that with sausage from the health food store. Our sausage crumbles do not contain nitrates or nitrites.


Strawberries are in my morning protein drink every day. Studies show that to reap the most benefits from berries, they need to be eaten regularly. I’m all for that, plus they are just plain delicious!

Seasoned chicken slices and shredded cheddar cheese give a nice roundness to  this pack. I hydrate only what I need at the time and save the rest for later. I eat very little chicken or cheese, making this the perfect solution for me. If you eat a lot of chicken and cheese, get the family size can. It’s a fantastic value!

Ask me how you can get free shipping on this sale! You’re going to love my answer!

Questions? Please ask. I’m here to help! E-mail me at the reiki cafe @ gmail dot com or ask your question here.

No questions? You can order directly from the website.


Thank you for thriving with me!



Thrive Life Independent Consultant



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