Low-carb Roasted Vegetable Snack Mix!

Would you like to grab handfuls of an addictive, savory, mouth watering snack that’s good for you? My answer is yes, and that’s why I played with my vegetables and came up with this delicious snack mix.


It started with a tomato and basil mini cheese ball recipe I made for a party. I didn’t want to put raw tomatoes in them, so I roasted some of my Thrive Life tomato dices by adding a hint of coconut oil, pink salt and Chef’s Choice seasoning. The tomatoes were luscious and my mini cheese balls were a hit.

Requests for low-carb recipes have been coming in lately, which has me looking at labels for new information. It turns out that tomatoes, zucchini and asparagus are all low in carbohydrate. I added them together, tossed them with a drizzle of coconut oil, some pink salt, Chef’s Choice and a bit of garlic powder. Roasting takes about twenty minutes and then…


Oh. My. Yum!


The tomatoes take on incredible umami. The zucchini, crunchy sweetness. The asparagus, crunchy green goodness.

I’m bringing my low-carb roasted vegetable snack mix to Fiesta Friday this week to share with Angie, the many talented cooks there and our host Sandhya@indfused.com

I’m drooling just thinking about eating this so now I have to make more. There’s no way to keep them in the house except to make more. My guests and I have a good case of Snack Mix Fever!

Here’s how you can catch it, too.


1 cup Thrive Life tomato dices

1 cup Thrive Life asparagus

1 cup Thrive Life zucchini

1 tbsp. coconut oil, melted

1 tsp. Himalayan pink salt

1 tsp. Thrive Life Chef’s Choice

1 tsp. garlic powder


Preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gently mix the vegetables together, right out of the can. Do not refresh them. Add seasonings. Stir in the coconut oil and then gently mix to coat the seasonings and oil over all of the vegetables.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spread the vegetable mixture on the sheet and then roast them for fifteen to twenty minutes, stirring vegetables every five minutes for even roasting.

Allow the roasted vegetables to cool completely before storing them in an airtight container. I think they will keep for a week, but I’ve never been able to keep them around for more than a day or two, so I’m not exactly sure about that one.

You know, I think they would make good croutons in my salad. Hmm.



Thank you for thriving with me!



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Thrive Life Flash Sale – Today Only!

Seasoned Chicken Slices - Freeze Dried

I highly recommend the broccoli for its versatility. Eat it crunchy from the can for the biggest raw alkaline impact, powder it and add it to a meal, roast it with garlic or cook it in your favorite foods. All the reasons broccoli is revered as a beneficial part of a healthy eating plan are amplified by Thrive Life’s Nutri-lock twenty-one step process, designed to keep all the nutrients in and convenient for when you want broccoli.

My love for the sausage crumbles is whole and unabashed because I can grab a handful, or put 1/4 cup of them into a recipe, and then leave the rest in the can for another time. Try doing that with sausage from the health food store. Our sausage crumbles do not contain nitrates or nitrites.


Strawberries are in my morning protein drink every day. Studies show that to reap the most benefits from berries, they need to be eaten regularly. I’m all for that, plus they are just plain delicious!

Seasoned chicken slices and shredded cheddar cheese give a nice roundness to  this pack. I hydrate only what I need at the time and save the rest for later. I eat very little chicken or cheese, making this the perfect solution for me. If you eat a lot of chicken and cheese, get the family size can. It’s a fantastic value!

Ask me how you can get free shipping on this sale! You’re going to love my answer!

Questions? Please ask. I’m here to help! E-mail me at the reiki cafe @ gmail dot com or ask your question here.

No questions? You can order directly from the website.


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The December TLC Pack From The Reiki Cafe


Are you receiving my newsletter? I hope so, because I love to share exclusives there. Sign up is easy and takes moments.TLC = Thrive Loving Care

December TLC

The Reiki Cafe would like to share our seasonal favorites and monthly specials with you, in the form of a free sample pack. E-mail thereikicafe@gmail.com with the details and a a sample pack will be sent to you, and to anyone you would like to share them with. Everything is easy and delicious with Thrive Life.

Any of these foods can be eaten as is, or used as a fresh ingredient by adding a small of water a time to refresh. Okay, maybe not the pretzels, but the havarti can be refreshed if you want to. Most people like it crunchy.

Are you local to Dallas, Texas? If you are, then we are neighbors! Let’s meet and I will give your TLC pack to you in person.


The more Thrive Life food I eat, the better I feel.


I love Thrive Life foods, and after a taste you will know exactly why I do! They are packed with nutrition you can taste and feel.



Thank you for sharing TLC!



What You Need to Know About Probiotics, According to Reviews.com



What You Need to Know About Probiotics

Since there’s still not a lot of research on probiotics, the research team at Reviews.com recently spent months studying and testing 277 top-rated supplements on the market to determine which strains are most effective for various issues. Here are some of their findings.

Although the idea of beneficial bacteria has been around since the late 1800s, and probiotic supplements have been around since the 1930s, there haven’t been many human clinical trials. We do know that probiotics produce enzymes that help break down chemicals that the normal human gut has a hard time with, such as the oligosaccharides in legumes. That digestive assistance results in less gastrointestinal distress and better absorption of nutrients.

A small but growing body of research on our gut tenants suggests that hacking your microbiome can not only improve the digestive process, but also contribute to a laundry list of ancillary health benefits. We’re talking weight loss, lower cholesterol, decreased anxiety, improved immune function, fewer seasonal allergy symptoms, and relief from a host of gastrointestinal maladies, from irritable bowel syndrome to traveler’s diarrhea.


The Bottom Line

The science is still young, but we know a few things: Probiotics work better in a pack; prebiotics mixed in with probiotics are just a marketing ploy because there isn’t enough prebiotic to make a difference; and shelf life matters most. Look for multi-strain products and check for a “viability guarantee” through the expiration date to make sure your probiotics will be in full force when you take them.


Through the course of our research, we came across a number of studies that indicated some lesser-known benefits of taking probiotic supplements, like decreased anxiety. We put together our top picks based on which strains had solid evidence backing up a connection:


Anxiety and Allergies

Relevant strains: L. Casei, L. Rhamnosus, Paracasei


Weight Loss

Relevant strains: B. Brevis, B. Lactis, L. Acidophilus, L. Gasseri, L. Rhamnosus GG


Lactose Intolerance

Relevant strains: L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus


Lowering Cholesterol

Relevant strains: B. Lactis, E. Faecium, L. Acidophilus, L. Curvatus, L. Fermentum, L. Plantarum, L. Reuteri


Women’s Health

Relevant strains: Bacillus Coagulans, L. Fermentum, L. Rhamnosus GG


Take Action 

Start small. Generally, it’s best to start out with a lower CFU count and ramp up as needed. Starting out with the high-proof stuff can cause unpleasant physical side effects, like cramps and bloating, as well as monetary ones — higher potency supplements are almost universally more expensive. Of course, follow your doctor’s guidance. The verdict on ideal colony count is still out.


Take your probiotic with a meal. This raises the pH in your stomach, which means more bacteria will make it through to your gut, including the few non-acid-resistant strains like S. Thermophilus. And take them with plenty of water; that will further dilute the acidity of gastric juices.


Get your prebiotics in. There are tons of the simple carbs probiotics love in whole fruits and vegetables, including onions, garlic, bananas, asparagus, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, and artichokes. If you’re worried you might not be getting between five to 20 grams per day, consider taking a prebiotic supplement, usually a powder or drink mix.


Keep up your probiotic routine. Probiotics stick around for a while, though for how long isn’t precisely clear. You have to keep taking them to continue to reap the benefits.


To see the rest of their guide to probiotics, go to http://www.reviews.com/probiotic-supplement/




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Thrive Life December News & Specials!

New Simple Plate | Maple Pulled Pork Waffles

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Tomato Dices
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Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix
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Small Diced Beef
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New Simple Plate: Maple Pulled Pork Waffles
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Slide a dollop of juicy, shredded, maple-infused pork onto a fluffy waffle for a creative dinner that hits the spot. We’ve defrosted, cooked, and shredded the pork for you!

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