Thrive Life News & Specials for August



Simple Plate!

Tuscan-Style Beef Pappardelle

Tuscan Quinoa Bowl/Southwest-Style Chicken Quinoa Bowl/Chicken Bolognese & Gnocchi With Steamed Vegetables /Chicken Farfalle With Pasta Primavera (not pictured)


Garden Veggie Lasagna & Garden Veggie Pizza With Sausage

South Pacific Stir-fry with pulled porl

South Pacific Stir-fry With Pulled Pork

We have eight Simple Plate meals available now, and will launch many more this year.

How do you get your deliveries? Watch this.


New Snackies Singles!

Havarti & Pretzels/Cranberry Crunch

Available as pouches or Snackies Singles for on the go


Monthly specials for Your Grocery Box


Dinner Classics Pack is $89.39 plus shipping. Shipping on orders over $100 is free if all the items in the grocery box are preferred items. Two items in this month’s dinner classics pack are not eligible for free shipping – mashed potatoes and fudge brownies.

Dinner Classics Pack Includes:

Sweet corn (pc), kale (pc), fudge brownie mix (pc), mashed potatoes (pc), Chef’s Choice seasoning, beef slices (pc), celery (pc), spinach (pc) and mushrooms (pc).


Thrive Life Has it All!

The more Thrive Life food I eat, the better I feel! Quality, convenience, selection and value. Snacks, deliciousness, meals, ingredients, personal service, rebates, free shipping…seriously, what more can we ask for?


Thriving Nations

Thank you to every Thrive Life customer, consultant and employee. 5% of all sales profits go to the current Thriving Nations project.


Host A Party
You can host a party from anywhere in the U.S. I will send all that you need to have a successful, fun party. You automatically get a party link on my website where your guests can learn about our food, and where you receive credit if they place an order. You can choose from an online video party or a Facebook party.
     Host prizes are free and half-off Thrive Life food. You have everything to gain by having a party! Check out all the host benefits here.
 Start Your Deliveries
This month only, when you commit to three deliveries of $25 or more within 90 days, you are automatically a Preferred Customer. Next month and afterward there will be a one-time $79.00 fee to become a Preferred Customer  You will get bonuses based on the amount you start with, including free food.
     Perks of becoming a Preferred Customer:
Simple plate plus 
     Save up your 3% in free product for our next big sale in November. That’s what I’m doing!
The Opportunity
Check out our career plan to see how big your opportunity is with Thrive Life. We get all the perks of being a Preferred Customer, plus we earn cash, party benefits and fantasy getaways!
consultant perks
 This is a foodies dream business! I’m getting paid to eat. Are you?
         Questions? Please ask. 
My new phone number is 530-209-8291. Or you can reply to this e-mail.

No questions? Feel free to place orders directly through the Website

As always, thank you for thriving with me!



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