The Reiki Cafe’s Current Class Schedule

Gina Bio Pic 9-19

Gina Briganti, Reiki Master Teacher


All classes currently take place virtually through Zoom or Facebook Messenger. These are the workshops I’m featuring now. They are between sixty and ninety minutes long and cost $70.00 for one-on-one or $55.00 each for groups of three or more.

New Virtual Workshop

Group Reiki Workshop

Reiki For Couples. Families, & Groups Workshop

Learn how to give Reiki to a couple, family, or group. Our focus is on how to manage this delicate yet powerful technique to help with relaxation and communication. The workshop is 60 minutes long and is one-on-one. If you have a group who would like to learn together, contact me via email to set it up. Groups of three or more pay $55.00 per person for the workshop.


Workshop Choices




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