About Food as Ally & The Reiki Cafe

Most services are available virtually or via phone call. In-person sessions are available in the North Dallas area of Texas.

Food As Ally is a program* dedicated to making food our ally through reclaiming our food choices, listening to hunger cues, and listening to fullness cues..all with a supportive community led by an experienced nutrition professional.

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Gina Briganti

Developer of the Food As Ally program

Owner/operator of The Reiki Cafe

Gina Briganti is a Wellness Consultant specializing in nutrition and Reiki. She received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition from the Edison Institute of Nutrition in 2005 and holds a certificate in Applied Holistic Nutrition (2005). She was certified as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2007.

Gina is the author of The Reiki Cafe Reiki III (ART) Manual, Keep It Simple: Permission to Illuminate Your Life Easily, Effortlessly, & Joyfully, and the Natural Gifts series of mystical fantasy romances.

Feel free to connect with Gina here, on Facebook, through her Amazon Author Page, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and on Goodreads.  They’re all good places to be inspired and build a connection.

The Reiki Cafe offers sessions, classes, workshops, gift certificates, and retreats. Click here for details about services.

New clients can schedule a free 20-minute Q&A video call or phone call by clicking here.

About the food: Some Food as Ally in-person meetings offer a meal. Group members attending that meeting choose a recipe ahead of time. Each person brings assigned ingredients in the amount needed to make enough for that meal and to have some to take home, if they would like to.

Day of Healing in private homes offers a community lunch prepared by your energy practitioners. For information about attending Day of Healing, please message or email. food as ally @ gmail dot com.

Thank you for visiting Food As Ally and The Reiki Cafe.

Copyright 2023 Gina Briganti, developer of the Food As Ally program.

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