July Thrive Life Specials


We have recipes for all of our ingredients! www.thrivelife.com/thereikicafe 

Click or tap on recipes and then type in the incredient you want to use.

You can order the monthly specials from the site if you wish, or call Gina and she will place your order with you.

We have two seasonal drinks you will want to stock up on. They are so delicious and versatile.



Fantastic deals in our unadvertised specials! You will need to talk with your friendly Thrive

Life Independent Consultant to order these. Gina’s number is 760-366-0368.

We have everything from small fruit packages to one complete package to feed your family for a year.



Our benefit for the West Virginia flood victims continues on Facebook until the end of July. We appreciate all donations, shares and hosts.


Rememeber, hosts earn free food when there are at least two orders in their event, and additional 50% off groceries when totals are over $400. Thriving Nations will also benefit. Tax receipts are available upon request.

We have a special host prize drawing through July 25th. You earn an entry for each $500 (or more) event you host.


Please let us know if you have any questions!


As always, thank you for the time you spend with us!



Gina and Cyhndi


We hope you’re receiving our monthly newsletter where we share exclusives and we have a monthly prize drawing. Sign up is easy and takes only moments.

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