West Virginia Flood Relief

West VirginiaFlood Relief

To be a part of something bigger than ourselves means the world to Cyhndi and I, which is why when we heard about the disaster in West Virgina, we leapt at the chance to help. We want to extend that chance to you.

We are looking for donations and for hosts to organize donations of our non-perishable Thrive Life foods.

Hosts can simply invite those they know to the Facebook event,West Virginia Flood Relief, where we will show them how to donate, and what they can choose from to donate. United Way of Southern West Virginia tells us what they need. Right now it’s low or no preparation food and can openers.

Your Thrive Life consultant will be able to get a tax receipt to you and/or your donors if they would like one.

Hosts will have the option of keeping special host benefits or to donate them wherever they like. For the month of July Thrive Life has a drawing for this prize package for hosts.


To qualify for the drawing there need to be at least $500 in donations/sales for that host’s event. Additional hosts benefits are:

10 % of sales in free products at retail price for any host who has at least two orders in their event.

Half-off credit for totals over $400, also redeemed at retail price.

The most generous giver in each host’s event will receive a thank you gift from The Reiki Cafe.

Contact us today to donate or to host.

Cyhndi and I appreciate the time you spend with us, and the opportunity to help those in need. After all, water can happen to anyone, right?



We have a newsletter, where we share exclusives, including a montly prize drawing. You can sign up for the newsletter here.








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