Join us For 29 Days of Reiki

29 Days of Reiki

Cyhndi and I would love it if you would join us by infusing Reiki into your groceries, meals, drinks, supplements and medications every day through the end of March.

Here’s how we suggest you do this:

When you bring your groceries home from the store, infuse them with Reiki by placing your hands over them, staying long enough for them to feel great to you.

Fill up your water, and then infuse it with Reiki, staying long enough for the water to feel revitalizing.

As you sit down for each meal, send Reiki into the meal, staying long enough for it to feel good to you. Gina’s blessing for her food is, “I am grateful to each and every energy who brought this food before me, and for the way it nourishes me in all possible ways.”

Before you take your supplements and/or medication, send Reiki into them, staying long enough for them to feel good.

We think that you will feel exceptionally good by the end of the 29 days! Such a simple, quick step to take, and it makes a wonderful difference.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments!

Wishing you a life filled with Reiki,

Gina and Cyhndi

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3 thoughts on “Join us For 29 Days of Reiki

  1. I love this idea… but I struggle with implementing it because it is seldom that I have kitchen time alone either in my home (I rent a room in a small house shared with a super nice but non-holistic-anything atheist) or at work and I don’t feel comfortable having to answer questions about what I am doing.

    (I am an introvert who hasn’t quite reached the point where I feel comfortable explaining Reiki to people who have never heard about it, or much worse don’t believe it is real.)

    I am working on confidence using flower essences and essential oils, but it has been a slow process so far.

    I might do my own challenge of just trying to repeatedly reiki my water bottle every evening in my room at home for a month. ❤

    – Jacqueline


    1. I love the idea of infusing Reiki into your water bottle when you are alone! It will add positives to your experience. I’ve been a Reiki teacher for years, and there are still people I’ve never discussed it with. I’ve always taken it at my own pace, and I applaud you for taking it at yours!

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