Animals As Teachers & Healers Buddy Read

Gina has had Susan Chernak McElroy’s book, Animals As Teachers & Healers (1997), on her TBR list for two years now, always trusting that the perfect timing would line up to read it.  That trust is always rewarded!  Animals As Teachers & Healers is heart-warming, life affirming, and a pure joy to read.


Would anyone like to buddy read the book along with us?  Comment to let us know if you’re going to join us.  We plan to read a few pages a day, though you are welcome to read faster if you like.  Maybe your library has a copy of it.  Mine did!  The book is a bit older and they haven’t published an electronic version yet.

Our buddy read has its own page, making it easy to come back and comment here on

Discussion welcomed!

Peace and love,

Gina and Cyhndi

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