Meet Your Animal Helpers Sample Report

“This is the first time I’ve had a Animal Helper reading.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many of the properties were accurate.  I was also interested to discover what my animal helpers are, and that they can come and go depending on the need.  I’ve learned a lot more about myself-things that I wasn’t aware of, that will make it easier to go forward with the things that I want to pursue.  Thank you, Cyhndi, for the experience!” – Donna S.

The Difference Between Spirit Animals and Animal Helpers

Unlike Spirit Animals, who represent who you are, animal helpers can come and go.  Below is a ‘snapshot’ of the animals currently working with Donna to achieve her goals and aspirations, work through challenges, and provide general support to her spiritual well-being and growth.

Donna Smith – Animal Helpers Report – 1/27/16

Q:        How many animal helpers are working with Donna right now?

A:        Five.  Peacock, Wolf, Fox, Hedgehog and Horse.

Hello all and welcome!  We thank you for joining us today and look forward to hearing from you!  With your permission, I will ask each of you some questions so that Donna can begin to benefit from your deep wisdom.

Q:        Peacock, can you tell me what your qualities are and why you are working with Donna at this time?

Peacock:  Yes, thank you!  I am what some would call the ambassador of Donna’s inner artist.  I am here to support her when she is creating any kind of art, be it quilting, painting or whatever strikes her fancy in that moment.  I also encourage her with signs to let her know when the best times are for sharing her creations with her family and community.

Q:        Can you tell Donna how best to contact you?

Peacock:  She is very adept at reading the signs I send her, even though she might not realize that is what’s happening at the time.  She will know which choices I recommend because they will look especially ‘shiny’ to her, but I would say just to follow her intuition.  We have been working together on this a long time and she has become very adept at it.

Awesome, Peacock, thank you so much!

Q:        Wolf, would you like to speak to us next?

Wolf:   Of course, thank you.

Thank you, Wolf!  What do you have to share with us today?  What are you and Donna currently working on together?

Wolf:   I am mostly here to support Donna and help her feel comforted.  I remind her that she is a free spirit and that is okay.  It is possible to be a free spirit and yet still be available and supportive to family and community.  I help her find the balance and remind her that she is strong enough to hold that balance.  I lend my strength to her in times of need.  All she needs to do to draw on my strength, is to take a moment to feel my strong balanced energy within her.  Truly embrace it.  Some think of ferocity when they think of wolves, but that is not what I am speaking of.  It is enough to be firm and solid, comfortable in your own skin.  If one can hold the energy of balance, the chaos tends to sort itself out without expending valuable energy on anger and ferocity.  That said, I will also let her know on the rare occasions that those best fit the situation.  The important thing for Donna to remember is that she IS balance and strength, it’s up to her to live that out and I am here to help her do so.

These are amazing gifts indeed!  Thank you for that!

Hedgehog, welcome!  Do you have anything to add in this area?

Hedgehog:  Yes, thank you, I do!  I am also here to help Donna remember she is protected and strong.  She is very protective of others, which is great, but sometimes forgets to protect herself by distancing herself from negative people.  I tend to curl up in a ball when threatened; that works for me and sometimes for Donna also.  But sometimes the best way to shield oneself is to just disengage from the drama.  There is no need to play the role of the victim, but sometimes it seems there is because it is more socially acceptable to do so.  I help Donna remember she is connected to the earth as I am, very grounded.  I also represent the wisdom of the female elders she possesses and am helping her move from a place of knowledge and education in to the true wisdom of the elders.  This journey of transition for her is just beginning so it will take some time and experience to work through it.  To do this, I would suggest playing a bit of a game with herself.  When a situation arises that feels ‘fight or flight’, imagine me and the wolf sitting next to each other in front of her.  Which one seems more attractive?  Which one are you most drawn to in that moment?  If she is attracted to wolf, it may be best to stand her ground and ride it out.  If she is more attracted to me in that moment, the best choice may be to curl up and roll away from the drama or source of negativity.  It is important to remember that she is supported in her decision either way and can draw on this counsel and both our energies at will.  We do not judge, we are there to lend our support whenever and wherever we can.

Wow, thank you hedgehog!  All great things to remember!

Fox, do you have a specific area you and Donna are working on?

Fox:     Yes!  Thank you for asking!  This is a very exciting time in Donna’s life and I am happy to be of service!  Donna and I are working on developing her sense of a lightness of being by embracing her intuition.  She is highly intuitive and I am here to encourage her to listen to it more and sort it out from what she fears may happen.  Donna is feeling ‘stuck’ right now, wondering which faith to embrace and thinking a lot about how to be ‘the best’ spiritually.  I am here to tell her that she already is the best!  She can embrace any faith she wants to or all faiths at once and still be the best.  She can be the bell of the ball or fade back into the wings, it’s all good.  A good way to decide what knowledge or rules to keep would be to ask herself: “Does it bring me joy to embrace this?”  and remember that intuition and joy are the opposite of judgement.  Judging yourself and others can become a toxic addiction.  I would suggest trying to see both sides of a spiritual law, because most have a helpful aspect and also one that is not so helpful.  And then ask if the vibration of that law resonates with herself and the situation at hand.  As an example:  If a law requires that you revile another being just for being, that law is not in high resonance.  If a law requires that you harm another, again, not positive or in high resonance.  We all need to feel uplifted and supported by our laws and principles, not subjected to them.  If you feel subjected by a rule or principle, ask yourself why.  If it requires that you do harm of any kind, even judge yourself or another I would find it highly suspect and not worth incorporating into your belief system.  It might be helpful for her to make a list of the commandments, laws, principles, etc. that appeal to her and focus on those while tossing out the rest.  That way, in times of crisis or consternation, you can look at the list and decide what fits in with YOUR beliefs and aspirations, free from the judgements of others.  This list may change some over time, that is okay, that is evolution.  Your soul will know what rings true for you and I am with you always to support you on your path towards ascension.

Thank you so much, Fox!  It’s been a pleasure and I know Donna looks forward to working with you more in the future.

It looks like one more animal helper is waiting to speak with Donna today.  How are you Horse?  Do you have anything to add?

Horse:  Yes, thank you.  My message is one of beauty, freedom and balancing extremes.  Due to physical challenges, Donna can sometimes feel weighed down and unable to move forward.  I am here to say that it is okay to ‘take a load off’ once in a while.  It is also okay to frolic and run when you feel compelled to do so.  All things balance themselves in time.  All things.  It’s also possible to shift situations with intention.  For example: The next time you are feeling heavy or achy, visualize yourself on my back, galloping effortlessly and painlessly through a beautiful meadow or along a scenic beach.  Really feel the sense of lightness and freedom and joy.  For that matter, see yourself doing anything that brings you joy.  Whatever pops in to your head at the time.  Really put yourself there and enjoy the sensation.  Watch a funny movie.  Whatever you do, really embrace this downtime and expect that it will be healing and rejuvenating.  This may seem like just a distraction, but can actually help to release hormones and chemicals in your brain that can help with pain relief.

Thank you so much, Horse!  And thank you all for your wisdom, support and helpful ideas.  I know Donna is looking forward to embracing all of your gifts and benefiting from your wisdom as she moves forward on her journey.  Enjoy!

You can order your own Meet Your Animal Helpers Report by requesting Gina or Cyhndi.  If you don’t have a preference, we will meditate on it and share our results. Our e-mail address is  Meet Your Animal Helpers Reports are $60.

Thank you for reading the Meet Your Animal Helpers Sample Report, and as always, thank you for the time you spend with us!

Cyhdni and Gina

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