Numerology Calendar Sample Month

May 2016

Gina’s granddaughter Lilli’s 1st birthday is on May 7th.  One example of how a numerology calendar can be helpful is looking at future dates.  This is Gina’s personal month for May 2016.

As a bonus, it’s yours, too, if you were also born on October 31st.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3 4 5 6 7














8 9 10 11 12 13 14














15 16 17 18 19 20 21














22 23 24 25 26 27 28














29 30 31 1 2 3 4






Notes: Gina’s personal year is 49: Happiness. Fulfillment. Satiety. Yes. Adverse situations become successful.

Gina’s personal month for May is 54: Spontaneous. Inquisitive. Fascinating. Ingenious. Surveillance. Confirmation. Puzzles. Surveys. Mockingbird. Chameleon.

Personal days are recorded in the squares.  What do the personal day numbers mean?  Here’s the key to the ones we’ve shown here:

55  Confrontation. Trips. Communicability. Urging. Sexuality. Pioneering. Cheerfulness. Craftiness. Irony. Pessimism. Interest in religion and metaphysics.

56  Decisive. Serenity. Equanimity. Diplomacy. Ambassador. Agreement. Poise. Tact. Fence-sitting. Blessed are the peacemakers.

57  Consoling. Tender hearted. Heartthrob. Heartache. Separations. Condolences. Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

58  Wellness. Strong constitution. Relaxation. Intermission. Time off. Recovery. Therapy. Treatment. Leave sleeping dogs lie.

59  Savior. Avatar. Redeemer. Salvation. Ascension. Apotheosis. Anchor. Metaphysics. Consciousness. Detoxification. Conceding. Orange. Tempest.

60  Progress. Moving forward. Forward thinking. Thinking ahead. Long range. Departure. Voyage. Transplant. Revolutionize. Alternative. Subterranean. Boundaries. Periphery. Uprising.

61  Strategy. Planning. Contingency plans. Change of plans. Tactics. Stealth. Evade. Footprints. Chase. Invisible. Rogue. Lone wolf. Wily.

62  Access. Entrance. Password. Restrictions. Suspensions. Wrist. Interference. Labyrinth Block. Tongue. Eliminate. Gatekeeper. Doors. Keys. Locks.

63  Compassion. Relief. Alleviate. Willow. Concerns. Suffering. Desperation. Emergencies. Last resort. “What if” thinking.

64  Conclusion. Inevitable. Melt. Winter. Snow. Dusk. Final chapter. Somber. The worst is over.

65  Worldly successes. Business advice. Calculating. Corporate. Center of power. Contracts. Economics. Banks. Treasures. Priceless. Precious. Rare. Garish. Hustler. Corruption.

66  Managing Money. Benefits. Nest egg. Investments. Portfolios. Dividends. Payout. Stocks. Bonds. Annuities. Overcoming fear of failure.

67  Stability. Reliability. Dependability. Householder. Homemaker. Housework. Toil. Average person. Average day. Normal. Consistent. Turtle. Mundane. Plodding. Monotony.

68  Learning. Studying. Education. Educated. Student. Classroom. Academia. Library. Well learned. Tutor. Educator. Homework. Research. Tenure. Scholarships. Educational grants.

69  Income. Earnings. Earning potential. Payday. Assets. Resources Resourcefulness. Practicality. Affordability. Acquisition. Creature comforts. Monetary incentive. Liabilities.

70  Flexibility. Accepting change. Multitasking. Juggling. Coping. Budgeting. Financial records. Accountants. Audits. Fluctuations. Contortions.

71  Professional. Quality work. Craftsmanship. Well made. Custom made. Skilled labor. Vocation. Career. Artisan. Handicraft. Merit. Quality. Inspiring work.

72  Economical. Financially conservative. Holding firm. Traditional. Conventional. Savings. Feasible. Greedy. Accrue. A penny saved is a penny earned.

73  Gainfully employed. Workplace. Hiring. Personnel. Compensation. Shelter. Housing. Temporary. Able bodied. Discard. Disposable. Downsizing. Recession.

74  Generosity. Gifts. Giving. Charity. Philanthropy. Contribute. Benefactors. Offerings. Funding. Entitlements. Handouts. Less than charitable.

75  Patience. Calming down. Anticipation. Agriculture. Harvest. Yields. Seeds. Altered states. Procrastination. Hesitation. You reap what you sow.

76  Efficiency. Productivity. Industriousness. Apprenticeship. Manufacture. Factories. Production. Streamline. Detours. Shortcuts. The shortest distance between two points.

77  Prayer. Affluence. Independently wealthy. Elite. Superior. Refined. Sophisticated. Pretentious. What I’ve been praying for.

78  Being wealthy. Vast family wealth. Generational wealth. Dynasty. Manifesting. Changing your financial family tree.

79  Transfixed. Outrage. Enrage. Wrath. Irate. Infuriate. Incensed. Rampage. Anger management. Getting on one’s high horse.

80  Foreshocks. Aftershocks. Aftereffects. The aftermath. Flattened. Numb. Devastation.

81 Revival. Renewal. Return. Revisit. Resume. Review. Reexamine. Retrograde. Realignment. Redo. Picking up where you left off.

82  Lottery. Jackpot. Windfall. Unexpected boon. Jumping to conclusions.

83  Social justices. Civil rights. Equal rights. Civil disobedience. Calling the cops. A call for justice.

84  Evacuate. On call. Off duty. Quit working. Stopped working. Getting out of work. Asked to leave work.

An 84 day on a Monday fits with Gina’s current schedule of taking Mondays and Thursdays off.

85  Epitaph. Eulogy. Elegy. Obituary. Cemetery. Carrion. Bury. Headstone. Forensics. Exhume. Laid to rest.

Gina now has a good idea of what the energy surrounding Lilli’s birthday will be.  There usually are changes of plans involved with the number of people involved in events surrounding Lilli!

To order your own numerology calendar for 2016 you can e-mail us at

Request Gina or Cyhndi to make your calendar for you.  If you are undecided, we will gladly meditate on it and choose that way.

Since it is now February, you may want to request that your calendar covers February 2016 through February 2017.  That’s perfectly fine with us.  Just let us know.

We will also ask you if you’d like an ascended master to help you with your year, a power animal, or a suggestion for an essential oil.

Numerology Calendars are delivered to your e-mail within one week after payment of $20 is received.  Payment can be made by Paypal, check, Chase Quickpay, or money order.  Cash is accepted in person only.

Oh, and these calendars are great gifts!

As always, we appreciate the time you spend with us!

Gina and Cyhndi

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