Meet Your Guides Sample Report

This is an actual reading, but the name of the client has been changed.

Good morning, Guides.
A: Good morning.
Q: How many guides are currently working with Rose?
A: Five. There has been a recent shedding of the guides with this last shift that took place 3 days ago. Rose may be feeling just a little bit naked right now.
Q: What are the guide’s names?
A: Father Time, Nero, Claudius, Jeremy, and Ginger.

Q: Good morning, Father Time, it is wonderful to speak with you again. Can you tell me how long you have been working with Rose?
A: Since the beginning of time. Hello, little one. It is wonderful to see you as well.
Q: What is your purpose in Rose’s life?
A: Ha ha. Guidance of course. Specifically guidance in regards to financial matters, affairs of the heart, and music.
Q: How can Rose get closer to you?
A: By calling on me when the moon is bright. We both like the night. She can contact me simply by calling my name and talking to me as a normal conversation. I will answer her in ways that she will understand. This is a common and easy exercise for her.
Q: What messages do you have for Rose at this time?
A: One that she is likely tired of hearing, that time will bring everything together as it always does. Also, I would like to see her releasing people and situations that cause her anxiety and stress. She knows which ones they are. Please assure her that there will be support for her to do so. Tell her that I love her very much and that I was her father in a past life. She is very special to me.
Gina: Thank you, Father Time.

Q: Good morning, Nero. How are you today?
A: Today, what’s a day? Ha ha, just kidding. I’m in a wonderful mood today.
Q: I’d like to ask you about how long you have been working as a guide for Rose.A: Oh, about 6 years now, I guess, more or less. (Canadian pronunciation of about).
Q: What is your purpose in Rose’s life?
A: You mean, what am I doing here? I’m having a lot of fun though there is work involved. I help Rose with those deep dark places that she doesn’t want to look at or anyone else to see. I do my best to bring her funny situations when I know something is up so that she can enjoy her life more fully. I help her face her fears whenever possible.
Q: How can Rose get closer to you?
A: If you mean how can Rose get more and clearer guidance from me I would suggest a pendulum. She can ask me simple yes or know questions. Did you see my joke? This is how I guide her, with little jokes. She can pick it out at the store and I will help her find just the right one. It will be dark blue, likely.
Q: Do you have any messages for Rose?
A: Yes, and it is very timely because Rose is purging a lot of her past right now, and there are people in the past that may try to show up again and interfere with that possibility. I would like to urge her to have firm boundaries when it comes to those people. Let them know when she will and won’t do, and to be guided by the assurance that she has all of the divine support anyone could ever want. Her needs will be taken care of.
Gina: Thank you, Nero. I appreciate you talking with me today.
Nero: You’re welcome.

Q: Good afternoon, Claudius. How are you today?
A: I’m fine, just fine, thank you.
Q: Can you tell me how long you have been working with Rose?
A; I have been with Rose for 6 years, on and off. She doesn’t always need me because the role I play in her life is one that simply comes and goes.
Q: What role do you play in Rose’s life?
A: Hmmm. Well, when she is feeling down I find ways to cheer her up. You could say that Rose has a host of joy guides to help her through the rough spots. She gets to those points where she is feeling strong and then she doesn’t need us so we wait until she needs us again.
Q: How can Rose get closer to you?A: Rose can get closer to me by remembering the funny times when things seem down. I will then guide her to more situations that will provide a sense of levity to continue to pull her up out of those feelings.
Q: Do you have any messages for Rose?
A: Oh, yes, I’m glad that you asked. I’ve been wanting to tell Rose how proud I am of the way she has been handling adversity lately. She is such a trooper! She hardly calls on me at all and then when she does we have so much fun. What I see coming for us is that Rose won’t need me anymore but that we will just be great friends who have a good time together.
Gina: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today, Claudius. You make me smile.
Claudius: You’re welcome. You make me smile, too.

G: Good afternoon Jeremy, how are you today?
A: I am well, Gina. Thank you.
Q: I’d like to ask you about how long you have been with Rose?
A: Well then, go ahead and ask. Ha ha. No, but seriously, I have been with Rose for 6 years.
Q: What is your role in Rose’s life?
A: I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Let me see. I’m there when she has to make tough decisions and little ones. I never leave her really. We do lots together like listen to music and shop. We like to be girly together. I think my function is to be a friend she can count on.
Q: How can Rose get closer to you?
A: Hmmm. I guess by calling on me when she feels lonely. I will guide her to something that we feel good about doing together. I think she has seen me in her dreams before. I take several forms, sometimes as a dagger and other times as a shoe. I also warn her if danger is coming.
Q: Do you have any messages for Rose?
A: Yes, I do. Keep your chin up sweetie. Things will be just fine. Remember that all of this is just temporary and mostly for entertainment. I will always be with you. You can be secure in that.
Gina: Thank you, Jeremy.
Jeremy: Bye now, Gina.

Gina: Good afternoon, Ginger, how are you?
A: Meow. Fine. <stretch, Ginger is a cat>
Gina: I’d like to talk to you today about how long you have been in Rose’s life.
A: Okay. <yawn>
Q: You appear to have been taking a nap?
A: Oh, yes. It was wonderful.
Gina: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.
A: No problem. <stretches> Go ahead.
Q: How long have you been guiding Rose?
A: About 10 years.
Q: What role do you play in her life?
A: That sounds too formal. I just look out for her. I’m like a watch cat. <strikes a hunter pose>
Q: <laughs> How can Rose get closer to you?
A: <laughs> She just did. All she has to do is ask. <meow, tail switch. Ginger is playing with a mouse.
Q: Do you have any messages for Rose?
A: Yes, I do. Rose, girlfriend, let’s get frisky. Let’s take some risks. I can help you figure out how to have a good, fun, time without incurring drama. No drama, Mama! I’ll try to flash you a mental image of a cat just before I give you a suggestion of ways to break up the doldrums. Sound good?
Gina: That’s wonderful Ginger. Thank you for taking time away from your nap to speak to us.
Ginger: My pleasure.

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