Nontoxic Cleaning 101 – Our Newest Class!

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about nontoxic cleaning but didn’t feel you had the time or energy to wade through all the information you would need to sort through to make it happen? Well you’re in luck! Cyhndi will be teaching a class!  We’re calling it Nontoxic Cleaning 101.

Nontoxic Cleaning 101 will be 90 minutes long and cover everything you need to put together your own cleaners at home with a few simple ingredients and in a very short time. The classes will be online via Google+ Hangouts so you can put together your first bottle of All Purpose Cleaner and gain the benefit of her 20+ years in the industry right there at home “in your bunny slippers” via your computer or phone. You’ll also receive a 4-page handout that includes formulations for cleaning everything from Stainless steel appliances to toilet bowls sent to your email PLUS a link to a recording of the class to review at your leisure…all for just $20 per class.

Class date: January 31st

Class time: 11:00 – 12:30 PST.

Registration closes January 25th

You can register with Cyhndi through her Facebook page.



Announcing a new class from Blooming Clean! Homemade Beauty Products 101. Are you nervous about the chemical ingredients in your moisturizers and other bath and body products? Ever thought about making them at home but didn’t know where to start? If so, this class is perfect for you! Learn how to make your own products! It’s so simple and inexpensive you will be amazed and Cyhndi can show you how to make and use them PLUS a link to a recording of the class to review at your leisure…in the comfort of your own home.

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    The Reiki Cafe’s site is live now, and offering a brand new class. If you’re inspired, wander over to the new site and follow us there.

    What’s the difference between and The Reiki Cafe features information about Reiki from two experienced Reiki Master Teachers (Cyhndi Mora and I), nontoxic cleaning & beauty, holistic health, and more. It will not feature my Natural Gifts book series, or my graphic designs.


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